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  1. debian112

    Pinterest Not Working

    When will Pinterest start working again? It stopped working years ago.
  2. debian112

    Pass filtered Shipping Updates - Automation

    I get lots of shipping notices from aliexpress on packages locations. How can automatically send those to the customers, but make it look like its from my site and not aliexpress.
  3. debian112

    Automatically pull Email address

    Is there a way to programmatically pull the email address of customers?
  4. debian112

    Google Merchant Issue

    The google merchant plugin is unable to generate the XML file, the facebook plugin works fine. Can I get some assistance?
  5. debian112

    Elementor Compatibility

    Is elementor compatible with alidropship woo themes? Like: popups, new pages, etc..
  6. debian112

    WOO theme using ShortCode

    Where can I add a shortcode in the woo theme? Is this just for mailchimp or aweber? I am looking to capture emails in newsletter location using Elementor forms or fluent forms. How can I do this?
  7. debian112

    WooCommerce Theme using Product Data (External/Affiliate product) Not Working

    When I add an affiliate link to the site for woocommerce it does not work. If I don't use the alidropship theme it works perfectly. I have tested this on 4 different sites and they all fail. Can I have assistance resolving this? I am using EL Greco Woo! Thanks,
  8. debian112

    El Greco Theme Not Working Fully!

    I just installed a fresh theme of el Greco. The settings are blank. When I click on El Grecoo Woo icon it just shows me the licenses. I have entered and it was successful. I am missing all the other settings under it. Any help? I am missing: General, Single Product Page, Woocommerce, Service...
  9. debian112

    Adding Facebook Purchasing code

    How do I add the custom facebook pixel for tracking purchases? Where do I add this on the purchase/confirmation page? I am using the Elgreco theme.. Place the event code on your order confirmation page or purchase completion page. The completion of a purchase, usually signified by receiving...
  10. debian112

    Mulitple Stores and Aliexpress Account

    What is the best way to manage aliexpress orders for multiple stores: multiple aliexpress accounts per store or a single aliexpress account for all?
  11. debian112

    El-Greco vs Monet Woo

    What are the main differences between the two?
  12. debian112

    Original and Woo

    Can I install woocommerce and run it side-by-side with alidropship original? Like use alidropship for aliexpress and woocommerce for cj dropship and other things.
  13. debian112

    Contact Page

    How can I stop spammers on the Contact page, is there a gotcha option for the themes?
  14. debian112


    What are the thoughts on AliShipping? Is there a way to remove the days? Showing the long shipping days at check out will stop the buyer.
  15. debian112

    No email for abandoned Cart

    What is the solution to fix "No email for abandoned Cart"? Email is working on everything else.