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    Restart after Banned from Facebook

    Dear All, Last year in Nov 2020, My facebook business is restricted permanently and tried to make an another new account but again closed. I want to know the strategy to start again with facebook and Instagram ads. I read so many blogs and post where mentioned we can't advertise if fb closed...
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    Google Product Ratings Program

    Hi All, I have filled up the form for activate the product rating on google shopping ads but we need to provide review rating in numbers for activate this service (i.e How much total 5,4,3,2,1 star on our store) but unable to find out this option. I have attached the email which received from...
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    Stripe Error- Invalid API key provided

    Dear Members, Could any one help me related to this stripe payment gateway error. As per generated the live keys and put the same on plugin setting but everytime getting error "Invalid API key provided" Also checked with alidropship team to check this error so they suggested to check the keys...
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    Insufficient match of microdata price information

    Dear All, I am getting one error in google merchant account "Insufficient match of microdata price information" And when i asked with google team so they informed review your microdata as price is mismatching but what is microdata and how can we fix and update on google merchant account ? So...
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    Facebook Restriction and Disabled

    If anyone facing same issue and have solution so kindly let me know????????????????? Facebook disabled my personal profile and restricted all add account which made with personal profile and review case is opened from 23 Oct, 2020 and today is 29 Nov, 2020 and still they are saying we are...
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    Is there any option available in Alishipping where we can get both order id (Aliexpress + Own website) in invoice to track our sale and purchase for all particular products ?
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    Create a new post with updated website URL(s)

    Hi, Can anyone explain about this issue on facebook ads and how can we resolve this issue? Please find the attached screenshot for error msg. Error msg - Ad can't run: Create a new post with updated website URL(s)
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    Long Payment Procedure

    Payment gateway is very bad as all the stores depend upon only PayPal because don't have other International Payment gateway but Alidropship & Aliexpress itself not using for their own website because they know the problems with PayPal. Count the steps in our websites to proceed the order. (1)...
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    Ask Again and Again "Instagram Authorize"

    I scheduled my poster on Instagram but after some time it stops automatically due to Login Authentication. Facebook never ask again but Instagram asking after 5-7 post, Can anyone explain to me what is the issue behind of that?
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    Facebook Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation

    As I new started and tried to post ads on facebook but never approved due to "Destination URL Issue" or "Content not allowed" like that. But after 4-5 Re-Submitted the ads suddenly they disabled my Ad Account Id. My URL is perfectly working so why facebook showing this issue and now the...
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    Paypal Currency Issue

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    How to delete blog image delete

    As I have posted new blog but one image is showing on the page and not able to delete it. This is on blog page so kindly tell me the procedure so i can delete this one. Kindly check the screenshot for your reference and same I want to delete it.