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    health question

    I have been smoking for a long time now, and I have always noticed nicotine stains coming from my nostril when I use cigarettes. I have stopped using Cigarette for 2 days now and only use Cigar and Pipes atm. Does pipe tobacco leave behind nicotine stains in the nostril from Retrohailing as...
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    tracking an LBC delivery online

    my staff at my supply base in Misamis Oriental know I am relatively immobilized at the moment and have sent me a box LBC to Cebu containing vital provisions. Cheddar Cheese. Falafel mix. Tortilla wraps. Green pesto sauce. Hellman's Mayonnaise. Thai red and Indian madras curry sauce. Etc...
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    Google AdSense - How does it work?

    @ppcagency Hi, I'm new to all this so I don't know if I'm posting in the right place, but I was wondering if anyone can explain to me exactly how Google Adsense works? - How do I get the adverts on my website? - Can I choose how and where they are placed? - How do I get paid (if at all!)? ...and...