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    How To Turn Off Stripe Receipts in Alidropship?

    Hi, how do I disable stripe receipts in the Alidropship plugin? I turned it off in Stripe but the customers still get the receipts. I asked Stripe and this is what they answered: Thanks very much for getting in touch with us. My name is Killian and I'm more than happy to help. You...
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    Can't edit products without valid license?

    I've just transferred my page from one domain to another and send an email to support to reset my license. Went back to my page and tried to edit some products. After clicking on "all products" I got forwarded to the License field of Alidropship. So we can not edit or keep our products once...
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    E-Mail From Admidad For Adding My Store?

    Hi, just got this e-mail. What shall I do? Does it still work if I add my own store? Thanks
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    Does my computer need to be turned on in order to update product prices and stock?

    Good morning, does my computer need to be turned on to be able to sync products data with Aliexpress? If so, do I also need to be logged in in Aliexpress and WP? Thank you Chris
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    !!! PayPal Charges Wrong Amount When Discount Applied !!!

    Hey guys, all of the sudden Paypal starts to charge less than the actual price is. It actually deducts the discount again as you can see on the screenshot. BEFORE DISCOUNT AFTER DISCOUNT PAYPAL / Another $4 has been deducted The discount code is a 15% one, if that helps. This need to...
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    Can We Move From Alidropship To WooAlidropship Without Starting from Scratch ?

    I would like to move my online shop to a woocommerce shop as I want to get my products synced with ebay, fb, google etc. Do I need to do everything from the beginning or can I just move like changing a theme? It wasn´t possible March 2017, hopefully, it is now Thanks
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    Should we ship to a PO BOX?

    No idea if it´s ok or not. Has someone processed orders to PO Box? Thanks
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    Single Promo Page Embedded Video Error

    Hi, anyone else experiencing that the embedded video of the single promo page doesn´t work: I´ve deactivated all adblockers, allowed third-party cookies, cleaned cache...still doesn´t work. Also doesn´t work on mobiles either
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    Can´t add links to images when Promo Page is activated

    Hi, I can not add a link or edit an image if the single product promo page plugin is activated. Here a photo how it looks deactivated: and here activated. The align bar and pencil is missing as well as the field which pops up after clicking on the link icon. It´s just replaced with this...
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    Spend $20 and get item for free coupon settings ?

    Hi, I want to set up a coupon which can be applied if someone spends more than $25. So I´ve got 4 products they can choose from as a giveaway if someone spends more than $25. Because every item has a different price I set it as a 100% discount coupon and added the products for which the code...
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    Auto-Fulfill Doesn´t Fill Properly

    Hi, who else got the problem that Alidropship doesn´t choose "other" of the city drop-down menu if the city in Aliexpress order form doesn´t exist? If so, is there a solution except manual ordering? Thanks
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    Alidropship doesn´t import reviews of all products

    Hi, the plugin doesn´t import reviews of all items. Some items have over 500 reviews and the plugin doesn´t import even one. Some only have 200 and the plugin imports 80. So why is it doing it and how can I import reviews for the other products as well? Thanks
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    Edit Social Media Link Preview Image Rembrandt Theme ?

    Hi, how can I change the image Facebooks scrapes for link preview in social media posts? At the moment, Facebook gets the photos from the "Best Seller" section. So the first three or four. Is there a way or plug-in which tells Facebook which photo it should use? I´ve tried Yoast and...
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    Can´t Import From Aliexpress STORE page ?

    Can we not import products from a store page ? I am pretty happy with this supplier and he has more products for my niche in stock so I added him to the feauture stores. But the Alidropship extensions won´t provide the ability to import it. On the screenshot, I am on the product page, just...
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    Which Option Is The Free Shipping One ?

    Hey guys, which of the option in the drop down menu of the extension is the free shipping one ? Doesn´t matter which I choose, it´s never free. Cheers
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    Way to update order status to "Delivered" automatically ?

    Hey guys, so my first orders have been delivered and I´m wondering if there is a was that Alidropship marks the order as delivered ? Or do we have to check the order status on Aliexpress for every item and update it manually ? Cheers
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    How Often Does Alidropship Sync Stock and Price Of Products?

    That´s the question. How often does the plugin sync with Aliexpress to keep the price and stock up-to-date? Cheers
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    AliDropship Does NOT choose "Free Shipping" When Ordering Automatically

    Two issues when ordering an item automatically with Alidropship plug-in: 1. If a city doesn´t exist in the drop-down menu of the shipping information sheet from Aliexpress, the plugin doesn´t choose "others" and doesn´t fulfil the order 2. The plug-in doesn´t select the free shipping option...
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    Is it possible to implement google pay ?

    As paypal charges you a sh**** load of fees I would like to know if we can integrate google pay in any way as it is pretty much for free.
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    Autofulfill error

    I´ve just got an order from Childers, Australia. I clicked on "Place order automatically" and Alidropship started. But then it stocked by the drop-down menu "city" as Childers isn´t available. I´ve selected manually "others". Is there any setting I overlooked or is it just an issue with the plugin ?