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  1. chris37

    Error social rabbit

    Hi @Nadezhda @Dimitriy Strekalov , What is this error ? cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds Is appear when i try to activate social rabbit license ? 1) I have deactivate all plugin and I have tried again (not work) 2) I set up the executed time from 30 to 30000 (not...
  2. chris37

    Social rabbit

    Connection timed out after 15000 milliseconds What is that?
  3. chris37

    Da vinci woo and promo banner bug

    When i try to enable promo banner add-on on da vinci woo theme you can see the banner behave very strange, Sometime in homepage is above the slider image and below the header ... other time is not appear at all until to scroll down. 1) I have deactivate all of my plugins to try what going on...
  4. chris37

    Issue with social rabbit posting

    Hi, I use the below html in my blog title for i change the color BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT! <span style="color:#f00"> GET LOVE AND GIVE IT ALSO</span> When i manual share it on facebook is working like charm. When social rabbit share it, the title show the html code as well in the facebook...
  5. chris37

    Da Vinci woo issue

    The latest Wordpress update effect the time appearing the products homepage images . Is needing more then a minute to appear!!!!! is effective all of my sites that have be updated to that version. P.S: they lazy load is from the litespeed cache plugin @Ekaterina Sayapina @Dimitriy Strekalov
  6. chris37

    Telegram social rabbit

    Hello AliDropship team , I hope everyone doing well. I am really interesting about telegram!! I have see you use it as well, Do you automatically sending message there or someone of the team do this job manual?? I believe as the Pinterest is out of the question for so long time you must give...
  7. chris37

    Shopmaster is closing

    ShopMaster will be shut down on 30th April 2021, Is gonna be a good idea to help this people migrate all of the products they have with woocommerce store to alidropship woo plugin as well Can you create a migration script for easy transition ?? @George Murdasov @Nadezhda @Dimitriy Strekalov
  8. chris37

    gift box issue

    when i add in the setting to give a free gift if a customer buy one specifict product, is working perfect, But when i try for example that, I want the customer buy 2 time the same product for get the gift, is not working
  9. chris37

    alishipping issue again

    New site ,not conflict with other plugins Same supplier ,Same products, different variation is add 2 time the shipping cost, in the checkout. And yes in the alsihipping add-on i have this enable "Don't multiply Shipping Methods costs for same Products " @Dimitriy Strekalov
  10. chris37

    Gift box issue

    The custom position setting with adjusting left/right and up/down are not working in mobile view, I have fix mine with custom CSS code (applying important) But is an option is need to come out of the box ready I use da vinci woo (in the test) @Nadezhda @Dimitriy Strekalov
  11. chris37

    Bug on andy wardhol theme

    new arrival and all product menu links are above the search box when i scrolling down
  12. chris37

    gallery on da vinci woo

    Hi @Ekaterina Sayapina , can we do something in the gallery of the da vinci woo theme for the image even if they doesnt have a square shape to be in a white or black background ? The way how was fix the video in the gallery before. (If not we have manual fix the dimensions of the image)...
  13. chris37

    Theme Bug

    The paypal checkout is over the header !! Is the similar issue the Dali Theme has with the Products Labels add-on.
  14. chris37

    BUG or NOT

    I have a website build in the original plugin Version and AliDropship Google Chrome Extension ver. . When i set up auto-update price i see that the next day, all of the site didnt follow the pricing formula but was huge increase in priced. For example a product with price at...
  15. chris37

    Bug in da vinc woo in product description

    When i add link from my other products to products description is use to show it like (first image ) Now is show like that (second image) For is show with the correct way i must resize the desktop and and is show without problem after.... same happen and with mobile . when i reload the page...
  16. chris37

    instagram issue again

    @Ekaterina Sayapina In the instagram widget need to be add again the follower section ... why you guys remove it anyway? Also when is add together with facebook widget in davince woo is broke the size of the subscribe form. I Wish is gonna be fix in the new update
  17. chris37

    Food for Thought

    Hi @Nadezhda @George Murdasov @Dimitriy Strekalov What about developing an add-on ,which can sending automaticaly our blog, product pages and funny image meme to our already email subscribe customer. Something Similar to social rabbit but with email subscriber customer. P.S or even if is not...
  18. chris37

    active link in bio

    hi @Nadezhda instagram disable my account because i overuse grabber and promote :) anyway i create a new instagram account everythink work normal but the active link in bio never change ! i have enable it in the setting !!!... did i miss something here ??? also for one strange reason the...
  19. chris37

    Bug on "use theme footer" on da vinci woo theme

    When I try to use the theme footer on the blog page of my da Vinci woo, I noticed in the mobile version of the theme the text is more big then the rest of my pages .. On desktop is looking normal..the issue only appear in mobile view @Ekaterina Sayapina
  20. chris37

    new bug in da vinci woo

    the blog section is show " load more articles " but the last post never appear (is must be showing ,is not looking ok @George Murdasov