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    Suggestion: It will be much better if reviews page add on can be shown on every product page, showing reviews of a single product on that product page. It really increase the trust level.
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    Should include video in product description

    Alidropship should consider to provide videos (from aliexpress if the product has it) in product description in its custom store packages. This will really increase the conversion rates. It should also provide unique product descriptions and not mere listing the features (in terms of size and...
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    Which is best hosting service for 500+ products?

    I am planning for a general store with 500+ products. I am looking for advice on: Which option is better 1) Buy alidropship hosting ($48) or 2) Any other hosting? I came to know that with alidropship original plugin and with silver hosting plan, i can add 3000+ products. But what about basic...