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  1. Swannybay

    Update - Marta was amazing

    How on earth is it possible in this day and age to not have 7 day support? Weekends are when my site (like everyone) has the highest traffic and instead of selling anything today my site is in maintenance mode because I can't access help from anyone to fix what is an obvious glitch. Ali was...
  2. Swannybay

    Pricing errors on update

    overnight the prices in my store went insane. products that were 60 aed are now showing over 4000. I have updated the plugin, updated the products, reset the pricing formula and updated the products but still no fix. Some prices are over 1000% higher than Ali and others are 100% lower! EDIT...
  3. Swannybay

    Mentor... you never know.

    Howdy, I'm a believer in if you don't ask you don't get, so here I am asking if there are any long term site holders that would be interested in mentoring me at all? I'm a quick learner, willing to listen to any and all advice and prepared to put the maximum effort and time into building my...
  4. Swannybay

    Price Comparison Plugin?

    Morning - does anyone use one of these plugins? Does it work well with Ali?
  5. Swannybay

    FB ad problems today?

    Has anyone else had issues with their FB ads today? 1) ads just sitting in review all day - unusual, mine are normally approved in a matter of hours 2) result from existing ads not changed all day - traffic has seriously dipped as a result. Everything seems fine in my manager, wondering if...
  6. Swannybay

    Middle East user - proxy not available

    Good morning, I'm a new member.. so first of all, thanks everyone for the input you didn't know you've given me. The search function has worked HARD for me this week. I'm trying to install SR, but I get the "sorry theres a problem" notification when I enter my code for instagram authorization...