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  1. Freestyler86

    Googlebot access

    Hello, Anyone know how to fix the following issue? Here is the SEO Check website: Resources blocked by robots.txt 23 CSS or javascript files are blocked Blocked page resources:
  2. Freestyler86

    Missing Images

    Hello, I have the following issue: When importing product, everything works fine. But when I check media files (I store the images on my server). Only images from the gallery are imported. Those from the description of the product missing. Check attached files, please! All files with "number...
  3. Freestyler86

    Payment suggestion!!!

    Hello, I still develop my store, I'm focused on B2B sales. Most of the business owners prefer bank transfer as payment method. Can you add this as an option on payment settings? Will be very nice if we have this feature. Waiting for your reply!
  4. Freestyler86

    I don't get notification update!

    Hello, I use Da Vinci - version 0.11.0, I just check in there is version 0.11.3! My question is, why I don't get any notification! When I check update page in WordPress, I get this message: "Plugins Your plugins are all up to date. Themes Your themes are all up to date." Why...
  5. Freestyler86

    LinkedIn - Social Media

    Hello, It is possible to add LinkedIn with next update?!
  6. Freestyler86

    Ad on my tracking page!

    Hello, Why there is an ad on my tracking page? How can I remove this ad?!
  7. Freestyler86

    Unique Image Editing Feature Of AliDropship Plugin

    Hello, Congratulations on this awesome function! The function works very well when editing product before import it into my website! But I can't see the "edit" icon when I try to edit product directly from my website! I can't see the icon in the red circle! Can you help me with this issue?
  8. Freestyler86

    Internal server error

    Hello, I get this kind of error when e click on Login button (upper right corner). The error appears only when I click on login button. I try to fix it with: - .htaccess file - delete plugin folder and install all plugin again, but without success. Here is the error from Error_Log...