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  1. malikycole88

    Hide Quantity

    Hey everyone how can we hide the Quantity section on the product page?
  2. malikycole88

    Rubens Theme Blurry

    There is a bug in the ruben theme its blurry on mobile, the product page is fine but everywhere else is blurry.
  3. malikycole88

    yoast seo?

    Hi everyone just moved my store from Shopify to WordPress, I was wondering if I'm using the alidropship plugin do still need to add the yoast seo plugin for seo?
  4. malikycole88

    Ads Google Merchant AliDropship Plugin NOT UPDATING

    I have been trying to update all the plugin but nothing it updating i have uninstalled all my plugins to update it and still its not updating
  5. malikycole88

    Price Discount Help

    I wanted to create a discount on a collection but my pricing formula is base on multiplication for all products how can when creating a discount for a collection it does not update See the video i explained in more detail
  6. malikycole88

    Pricing Update

    I notice there is a item quantity update for the products but never pricing update, aliexpress sellers update their pricing almost every day
  7. malikycole88

    Social Rabbit

    add a way to follow our competitor's followers
  8. malikycole88

    Add Product Specification To Description

    hey everyone i was wondering is there a feature to while importing products to move the Product Specification To Description
  9. malikycole88

    Segmentation Google Shopping

    hi i was wondering how do we segment our products rather than have all our products in one campaign. I want to segment by collection for example dresses in one segment and tops in another when I was using Shopify it was called product type, in addition to that, the category that was set with the...
  10. malikycole88

    Edit Site Name

    how do I edit my site name on the chrome extension, it's not showing properly plus in google shopping as well its showing as that as a brand name
  11. malikycole88

    Scrape description image

    Sorry for the newbie question just moving from Shopify oberlo to alidropship. My Question is can the alidropship chrome extension scape product description image into the gallery rather than saving them and adding them into WordPress? for oberlo when I was using it scraped those.