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  1. daniel-97

    Google Merchant Add-on - Add more attributes for "Enhanced listings"

    Hello, I noticed that there are some missing attributes for the feed to be eligible for enhanced listings on Google Merchant Center. Please let me know if I missed something, thanks :) The following attributes are missing (based on my generated feed): gtin multipack is_bundle Documentation...
  2. daniel-97

    Rubens Theme - Replacing Elements

    Hello everyone, I'm using Rubens theme, and there's an element I don't really like which is the "In Stock", it shows the numbers. I'd like it to show only the text (basic-simple) "In Stock" like in El Greco theme here. Mailed the support team, they said I cannot change how it works on...
  3. daniel-97

    Theme Menu Recommendation (In General)

    I saw this menu arrangement and really like it, we can see the whole attributes in 1 screen without clicking anywhere else Hope the team can make it happen someday :) Site: Desktop: Mobile:
  4. daniel-97

    Update All Old Reviews Date [SOLVED]

    Hello, I want to ask if there's a possible way to update old review's date in bulk? There's a new feature for that but I believe it applies for new reviews imported after that update. Thanks in advanced!
  5. daniel-97

    Rubens Theme - Instagram Images (Homepage) Not Working Correctly

    Hi, this function is not really stable for Rubens theme. I deactivated all my plugins separately so it's not the problem here. @Ekaterina Sayapina hope you have some time and check this theme out :)
  6. daniel-97

    Facebook Business Account Got Disabled Again

    This is the 4th time my Business ad account got disabled for no reason. Usually when I summit the review, my account is reopened after 30-45 minutes. It's been 1 day and no reply, I think it's because of the election. Can't do anything, can't get live chat for my country, can't email and call...
  7. daniel-97

    Rubens Theme - Appearance with Promo Banner addon - Payment Methods Positions (ANSWERED)

    Hello, I'm using Rubens theme - Original Alidropship plugin. I have 2 problems, hope anyone can help :) 1. Promo Banner addon appearance For mobile version, there's a gap in the product page, is there any way to make it fit? Answered: The Rubens theme was not compatible with the addon. They...
  8. daniel-97

    Stripe For Unsupported Countries (Solution: Stripe + Transferwise)

    I tested and successfully integrated Stripe to my website and with the help of some friends, did some tests and all the payments went through. Here's what I did: Step 1: Register for Transferwise's Multi-currency Account (link) - Register a Personal account (or Business if you want to fill out...
  9. daniel-97

    Problem with Variations linking to Aliexpress

    I just realized this problem when I imported and edited a product today. The problem went like this: - Imported a product to my store - Deleted some variations because I didn't need them - Found out that the variations from Aliexpress were messed up. 90% of the variations from Aliexpress didn't...
  10. daniel-97

    Smart Paypal Buttons (Pay via Paypal and on-site Credit Card)

    I just know about this today :oops: Can we add this at checkout? And is it good to put it on our product's page? Don't see many thread about this Paypal function so if anyone's using this, some comments will be appreciated! Document:
  11. daniel-97

    Bundle Many Product's Variations Into 1 Big Deal

    For Original Alidropship latest update, the team added a very useful function which allows us to choose which supplier & variation to apply for that product's variation. It would be really nice if we can add many suppliers + variations to one variation! Many sellers on Aliexpress love to...
  12. daniel-97

    Currency Based On Location - Is It Really Good?

    Many people switch on this option, I don't. When I go to a shop and see my own currency, I feel weird... I want to get your opinions on this one :) Thanks
  13. daniel-97

    Social Proofs - Do they matter?

    Experienced dropshippers, what's your view on Social proofs (Facebook page likes, Instagram followers, ...)? Does it really matter? Because I'm new, my page only have ~100 likes, Instagram is even worse, 21 followers lol. Many people said it doesn't matter, don't buy likes and followers, but...
  14. daniel-97

    "You Save" Section Error - Checkout

    On checkout page there is a section called "You Save" which is calculating the wrong price Example (with pictures): This product is $45.95 ➡ $29.95 At checkout, it should be: "You Save: $16" (or-$16) but it just adds random numbers This is happening to all of my products, please check your...
  15. daniel-97

    Be Able To Change Order's Quantity

    It would be nice to be able to change the quantity of an order in case if we want to send 1+ more as a gift to the customer but don't want to make it difficult for them to do anything.
  16. daniel-97

    Facebook Ad turned off by itself

    I turned everything on, all were approved and ran normally. And I turned off my computer, went somewhere for like, 3-4 hours and came back, the Ad Campaign was ON, the Ad Set was ON, but my Ad was OFF :) it's been happening like 4-5 times already. Have you had the same issue as I had?
  17. daniel-97

    Supplier Ships The Product 10 minutes After It Was Placed

    I got my second order today! But the weird thing was after I automatically placed the order, the seller shipped it 10 minutes later LOL Should I be worried? The seller has been selling for 5 years and the rating is above average I contacted them and they replied like this Have anyone...
  18. daniel-97

    Video Not Showing After Being Imported

    Hello, I'm experiencing this problem. The product includes videos and pictures, and after I imported it to my shop, the video disappeared. I checked my browser, my Chrome is updated to the latest version and so does the Alidropship Extension. Anyone has the same problem?
  19. daniel-97

    Package Received Notification - For Customer's Review

    I did a quick search and don't think I saw anyone brought this topic up so yeah why not :) I would love to have an email automatically sent to customers after *an expected date* has passed, their package should've arrived and ask them to give a review for the order they made. That might bring...
  20. daniel-97

    SEO Image Optimizer - Problems with large images

    Hello, I uploaded 10 images that were 4Mb each, and ran Minimizer overnight but they didn't run. So I compressed them using outside sources and re-uploaded them into my shop. Why couldn't I minimize them with the plugin?