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    Mail notifications not working after recent Update.

    I have the same problem too. I tested sending emails to myself through the settings and they worked fine but when someone places an order it doesn't work.
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    I purchased this plugin yesterday, installed it, created the reviews page and now my website is not working properly. Almost all the picture in my website are not showing anymore, my website looks broken. I have contacted support and I am waiting for their reply. Did this happen with anybody?
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.0 - UPDATE

    Thanks Victoria!
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.0 - UPDATE

    I have received the following message when I updated the plugin: Duplicate function has been found: please deactivate and uninstall DropshipMe plugin.You are trying to install AliDropship and DropshipMe plugins together. Note that AliDropship includes DropshipMe database and functions. Should I...
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    AliDropship Google Chrome extension ver. - UPDATE

    My version is and it's not automatically updating. I tried removing it and installing again from google chrome extensions website but it is still the old version. Your help will be appreciated.
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    Is the plugin compatible with WP5.0?

    What about the Alidropship Add-on's and Social rabbit plugin, is wordpress 5 safe for them too? Will there be an official announcement from the Alidropship team regarding updating to wordpress 5?
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    Migrating from AliDropship to AliDropship Woo Version

    Hi Kingpin, did you manage to get a tutorial going for this? I would really love to migrate to Woo but I'm afraid it is too much work and might end up hurting my seo.
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. - UPDATE

    is it safe to update to wordpress 5.0 with the current AliDropship version or should we wait a bit before updating?
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    Too bad, I was hoping that there would be a way to import sales from the plugin to Google analytics.
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    Best Back Up Plugin

    You can use UpdraftPlus which is free: you can also check out BackupBuddy if you are looking for a paid option:
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    Hi @Victoria Kudryashova is there a way to get our previous sales and conversion data into google analytics using this add-on? It will be great if there is a way to import out previous sales data rather than only tracking new sales.
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.7 - UPDATE

    Hi @Victoria Kudryashova I have sent you the login credentials to my site. I hope you can check on it soon. Thanks!
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.7 - UPDATE

    Same here too, My traffic is zero and it doesn't change.
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    The Raphael theme (BETA)

    Thanks for the CSS. Another idea not a bug, at the moment the theme showcases the top 3 most popular items under all categories, it will be nice if there was an option to choose which items are displayed under each category instead of the same three items showing every where.
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    The Raphael theme (BETA)

    Thanks Ekaterina! Is there a way to change the Footer background color and the background color of the top menu where the "login" is located? The products in the Category Menu is showcasing products from the import list instead of Published Products for me even when I am not logged in, it...
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    The Raphael theme (BETA)

    This is great, thanks! do we need to transfer the theme settings manually such as colors settings, images, texts if we are not running child themes? Sorry if this has been answered some where else.
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    Built-in Product Image Editor - edit images directly from AliExpress and WordPress

    Hi Buzz, This happened to me a few times but it was not an issue of the image editor, it was due to my slow internet connection at the time. after you edit an image and press save, wait a minutes or so before saving your product post updates or refreshing the page, the image should change. If...
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    Built-in Product Image Editor - edit images directly from AliExpress and WordPress

    I think it either resizes or crops the image, i'm not sure. but if we are able to do it ourselves we will have more control and we will be able to make sure that the visible part of the image shared on facebook shows our product instead of facebook automatically resizing and leaving important...
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    Built-in Product Image Editor - edit images directly from AliExpress and WordPress

    @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina Just a small suggestion that would help us save more time editing images: I usually use photoshop to make images look good for sharing on facebook and twitter and I think if you are able to add the optimal image ratio for facebook (1.91:1) and twitter (2:1 I think)...