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  1. salemzaid1

    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    I can't find any information on this.
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    Dirty War

    lol. u can just hide it. or they dont allow this anymore ?
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.8.10 - UPDATE

    Hi having issues with fetching tracking numbers for orders from the supplier keeps giving the yellow notification at the top right of the browser "tracking this only started after this update
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    The Andy Warhol theme released

    shut up
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    Payment Gateway - Payssion

    Because Paypal is a problem when you are doing lots of volume. As soon as they start asking for documents to verify this and that, it is 95% chance they're about to close you down. And this is even with uploading tracking numbers inside PayPal. Many of those accounts were closed down And just...
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    Payment Gateway - Payssion

    Hi, We were using Payssion Payment Gateway on Shopify - and used Shopify Scripts API to change Payssion payment methods according to customer checkout country. For example, if the customer is checking out, and chooses Brazil, the next page will show Brazil payment options from Payssion, and so...
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    AliDropship for Shopify: Beta-testers needed!

    Can I have access?
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    AliDropship Woo Themes Update

    good work
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    Payssion payment gateways

    Hey We're accepted to all Payssion payment methods. It only allows you to add one at a time in AliDS. Has anyone found a work-around for this? What if we wanted to include all of them, and have them change according to customer's checkout country? For example, if someone checks out only from...
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    Schema Markup For Andy Theme - Assistance Needed

    lol dude i know. thanks though
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    Schema Markup For Andy Theme - Assistance Needed

    Hi, I've been trying for 2 weeks to fix the str_data in Andy Theme, so that the "Item Specifics" of a product will show up when you do the google structured markup test. I attached 2 pictures. One is showing the item specifics tab on the product page. The other is the str_data where it has to be...
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    Google Merchant Add-On + Product Schema/Microdata

    I am trying to move from Shopify to wordpress. we have over 490k sku's on shopify so i am reimporting all of them via alidrop plugin. i realize great limitations in wordpress so we have already worked with the server and host to do custom work. 1 issue that is bad is the google merchant add...
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    The Andy Warhol theme released

    i bought it. its good. but it is really a shame it doesnt work with woo. i would buy it again. whoever designed this is an artist
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    Google Merchant Center Feed Not Loading

    I understand this, but it should only slow down performance, not make it impossible to load.. how can I fix this ? its so limiting
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    Payment Gateways In Canada

    Hi, we're currently using and Elavon Converge for our SHopify website. We used Stripe in the past but it is a nightmare because they have held our money in reserve for over 90 days, many many times, and it was a lot of cash, and it was only because we were doing tons of sales and...
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    Import Process Stops On Category Pages - AliWoo

    Hi We have had this problem since the beginning. Anytime you attempt to import entire categories from Ali, it runs for a few products then it just stops. It'll stop at 5/48 for example, and just won't run. If you try to open another tab for a different page number, the import at the top does not...
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    Connecting Custom Payment Gateway To AliDropShip Theme

    Hi there We are in Canada and the payment gateways available in the original Alidropship are bad for us. For example, we have been blocked multiple times from Stripe on many domains simply because we were making a lot of sales and they held our money for 90 days. This happens a lot with Paypal...
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    Google Merchant Center Feed Not Loading

    It is not working. At all. All 3 plugins are not running, neither is importing reviews. It does not even reach 1% in the bar This has been like this for over 5 days I reinstalled all, did all the work, but nothing changed
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    My feed has not generated in over 1 week I reinstalled and installed again and again, but it only uploads 8 products from thousands. Facebook Feed not generating Google Feed not generating AliShipping not updating products Importing reviews is not working I cant upload products anymore This is...
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    Google Merchant Center Feed Not Loading

    Do I have to keep regenerating the XML in order for the URL to be updated? Like, if I add lets say 1000 new products today, do I have to go back and regenerate a new XML ? In order for the URL feed to be updated via Google fetch? Or it will go through automatically without me having to do it...