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  1. adako

    Issue with variations not changing the main image of product

    Hello, Recently I found an issue when clicking on different variations of a product the main picture won't change. This issue occured some time ago and was fixed. But it seems it is back again (atleast for me). If I hover over the main image, the zoom will show correct image. I was...
  2. adako

    New update - missing SVG files folder

    Yeah, me too but the recent update seems to solved this issue.
  3. adako

    ATTENTION YAROS: Images not uploading properly for Alidropship Woo Plugin

    Can confirm that this is happening also to me. Running everything up to date. One more thing is that changing supplier takes like forever and in 90% the supplier won't get updated if I change that.
  4. adako


    Hi Ekaterina, I am getting error after activating the plugin and going to settings: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function models\abandoned\ads_try_unserialize() in /data/web/virtuals/176010/virtual/www/domains/xxx/wp-content/plugins/adsabandonedcart/libs/models/abandoned/Statistic.php:0...