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    Adding Facebook Purchasing code

    How do I add the custom facebook pixel for tracking purchases? Where do I add this on the purchase/confirmation page? I am using the Elgreco theme.. Place the event code on your order confirmation page or purchase completion page. The completion of a purchase, usually signified by receiving...
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    Mulitple Stores and Aliexpress Account

    What is the best way to manage aliexpress orders for multiple stores: multiple aliexpress accounts per store or a single aliexpress account for all?
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    El-Greco vs Monet Woo

    What are the main differences between the two?
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    Original and Woo

    Can I install woocommerce and run it side-by-side with alidropship original? Like use alidropship for aliexpress and woocommerce for cj dropship and other things.
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    Contact Page

    How can I stop spammers on the Contact page, is there a gotcha option for the themes?
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    What are the thoughts on AliShipping? Is there a way to remove the days? Showing the long shipping days at check out will stop the buyer.
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    No email for abandoned Cart

    What is the solution to fix "No email for abandoned Cart"? Email is working on everything else.