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    Facebook 5$ a day question.

    Sorry about that, i need to correct something: What i meant to say is that I am now considering Facebook ads since I can scale my ad and see how well or badly they are performing. Thanks
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    New modern looking themes

    Hi there, I just wanted to know if there will be any new, modern looking themes for the normal, non-Woo plugin. Something along the lines of the one Shopify and Woo Commerce have. Also, once these have been created, would we be able to change the theme on our stores to the new one ? Thanks :)
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    Facebook 5$ a day question.

    Thanks for the useful information @kingpin. I have a question regarding this. How long should i run the 5$/day ad on Facebook. would 6 days be fine for me to be able to see if the ad is performing well or not. I have been using Instagram shoutouts for my promotion but i've noticed that you...
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    12 Brilliant Contest Ideas for Facebook Pages (One for Each Month)

    Thank you so much for this. Very useful information, i will be trying this.
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    Help get more sales on my store

    Hi there If anyone can help i would be very grateful. I have been running my store for a while now and im kind of struggling to make sales. Can anyone tell me if ther might be something im not doing right on my store. Thanks in advance