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    Marketing Service

    Hello I have a concern i buy service from the alidropship page for data entry for my product. I'm looking on my email to ask the person who did the service for me. However my email bring this message out This message seems dangerous It contains links to websites that are hosting malware. Avoid...
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    Dropship me button

    Hi. I'm looking how to remove the import product an my site have the active import button. How do i inactivate it. Jenny
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    Alidropship plugin

    Hi Everyone! I having a concern with my website. When i open it on my desktop or my iphone this the message i get. I send the information to my hosting and they said that is the theme i download (Dalia). What you recommend me to do please.
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    Dali Theme

    Thank you so much Fassbender!
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    Dali Theme

    Hi. I have a question on my theme. On the front page when i click on shop now link. It take me to alidropship link that have a video of drop shipping. How i remove that on my shop now link and add to my product page. Thanks
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    Dali Theme

    Thanks for your help!
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    Dali Theme

    Hi Everyone I download the Dali theme. However I don't like the front store the way it pre design. I would like to use another theme. I'm working with alidropship plugin. If a change the theme will i have to start all over again.