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    Unable to Add Order Number with Wordpress 5.5

    Hello, I have just installed Wordpress 5.5 and found that I can no longer add order numbers, that pop-up window simply wont show any more. Please take a look into this and get it solved asap. Thank you.
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    Cant Sync Tracking ID

    Hello, I'm using Wordpress Version 5.4.2. Woocommerce Version 4.3.0 and Alidropship Woo Version 1.6.6. I notice that the tracking info wont update any more since last week on this page wp-admin/admin.php?page=adstracking. Have anyone experienced the similar issue recently and can you please let...
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    Trial period too too short

    Hello, ive just tried this plugin and i like it so far but i think you guys need to give us a much longer trial time, a week is way to short to see any real results. Would you consider making the trial time to at least 3 months? Thanks.
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    Social Rabbit Shoutout - what to write in message?

    Hello, I have just installed the trial version and I already love this plugin. Can someone please share with me what to write in message under instagram's shoutout section, please? I have never used shoutout and wonder what to say here...I mean, therere so many products I would love to have a...
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    Aliexpress Store is Gone but Products Still Remain as Available

    Hello I have several products imported from aliexpress and when i checked this morning, all links point to this page on aliexpress that says "Sorry, this page is unavailable, but check out our other pages that are just as great." I checked the suppliers main page and found that theyre no longer...
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    Alidropship Fulfillment

    Hello, When I use the “Place Order Automatically" function, customer's address does not automatically get added to the order form in Aliexpress. It doesnt even change the "Ship my order(s) to" field to the correct country. How Can I fix that, please? TQ
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    FB or Adwords?

    Hello all, I have finally launched my store!! yay!! and right away here comes the new and real do I get sales? How did you guys get your sales? Do you guys prefer using FB ads or Google Adwords? I have done a lot of ready of both but readings are readings they are not real...
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    Facebook manager account disabled BEFORE I even created any ads...

    Hello, I dont usually use facebook but I have had my account registered quite a while ago. All has been good. A few weeks ago, I registered for my manager account and left it without doing anything until today. And today, I was ready to create my first ad and saw that my account was disabled...
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    Currency not changing with IP (Version 1.0.4)

    I have just noticed that the currencies on my site stop switching automatically. I have "Enable built-in currency switcher" and "Cache (Enable if you use cache plugin.)" both turned on and i remember it used to show the prices in local currency. what might i have missed here, please? also...
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    Where to sell to?

    Hello, I understand that it is best to use ePacket as our shipping method and after some research, I now know that ePacket only works for only about 30 countries. So here's the question: where do you guys sell to? Do you sell to all countries or do you limit them to just those countries where...
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    "Trump Takes Aim at China by Questioning International Postal Rates"

    So here comes the news, epacket may be canceled in the near future, what do you guys think? is this the end of dropshipping for all of us?
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    17track conflicting with alidropship

    Hello, I have just upgraded alidropship and found this problem: alidropship menu wont open as long as 17track is activated. I tested this with multiple sites and it happens to all of them. please fix asap. Thanks. B
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    where to sell to?

    Hello, I understand that it is best to use ePacket as our shipping method and after some research, I now know that ePacket only works for only about 30 countries. So here's the question: where do you guys sell to? Do you sell to all countries or do you limit them to just those countries where...
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    Facebook likes and followers

    Hello all, Im almost almost ready to launch my site and this is where the real challenge is going to begin i believe. I wonder if anyone of you know how to get 1000 facebook likes and 1000 followers - i dont mind spending a little bit of money. I know there're tons of websites that claim to...
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    Aliexpress affiliate program on a dropship store?

    Hello all, Aliexpress offer their own affiliate program. I wonder if our alidropship sites join their program and earn some extra money when our customers purchase from our site and we go back to aliexpress to fulfill orders. I checked their application page and they ask for the domain name of...
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    Search for products by suppliers and import list product status

    Hello, It would be really helpful if we can do search for all products by suppliers. This way we can easily remove products by certain suppliers if their service is bad. Also, can we set all freshly imported products to be viewable by admin/editors only, please? Currently products are shown...
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    One Paypal account for multiple web stores?

    Hello, Im building two woo commerce web stores with Alidropship and Im now going to set up payment methods using paypal. Can those of you who also run multiple stores tell me if it is possible to set up payment using paypal REST using only one paypal business account and if possible, can you...
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    why is alidropship extension keep logging me out?

    This is totally killing me alidropship chrome extension keeps logging me out every few minutes automatically what makes it worse is that the icon on top of the browser says "on" but in fact when you click and open it the extension actually needs you to log in again and it takes more than just...
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    How to deal with bans

    Hello all, Im almost halfway done with my online shop and i have just started researching on payment gateways to use and how to promote my site etc...and i see a lot of horrible stories lol and im already stressed out before even opening my store. Ill appreciate it if you guys can share with me...
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    Search Suppliers

    Hello, I noticed that there are some products imported without images. I tried both reset and update products but I only see my page keep loading and loading. Can someone please share with me how you solve this problem? Also, does anyone know how we can search for supplier information? I am...