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  1. tomazs

    Shopping Cart Not Showing

    Automatic orders still not work. When I try to process manualy, as soon as I put the city on AliExpress shopping chart, I got a blank page. I don't know what to do?
  2. tomazs

    Deactivate the Social Rabbit Plugin and click the "Activate" button again

    I have the same problem in two plugins after I updated WordPress.
  3. tomazs

    Social Rabbit Violated Social Media Policies

    Thank you guys I am just looking for some solution what to do. I am struggling too long, spent a lot of money and I would like to find the green line.
  4. tomazs

    Social Rabbit Violated Social Media Policies

    Social Rabbit support setup my account and got suspend. So, something not work properly. They should be expert in this. Neather I didn't get any explanation from Pinterest, just that I am against their rules. I had some handbags, travel and that stuff nothing special.
  5. tomazs

    Social Rabbit Violated Social Media Policies

    Social Rabbit team setup my Rabbit and I can confirm that Pinterest already Suspended 3 accounts. I have a setup just 1 post per day. Instagram running more than four months and I have just 250 followers. So, can't figured out where is the catch, neather on their support.
  6. tomazs

    Importing Reviews Does Not Work

    Me too, I left my PC to do that in 24 hours and got the same result since Junij 2019.
  7. tomazs

    many products change to 0 price !!

    I got the same problem, when the stock on AliExpress is zero, there should be sold out. Each product after import, I got the same price as it's on AliExpress. When I change it manualy, the next day I got the same prices as on AliExpress.
  8. tomazs

    Alidropship addons vs Woocommerce plugins

    Yes this is logical of course, maybe will be better to have just a products. Now I have a setup on automatic pickup some posts from pixbay.
  9. tomazs

    Alidropship addons vs Woocommerce plugins

    I am running a Social Rabbit almost two months, made a setup on 17h on post. Tweeter - 4 followers in two months Instagram - just 150 followers in two months and all the time work without the hastags or any word, just pasting a pictures Pinterest - one account was suspended permanently, I...
  10. tomazs

    Pricing Formula Not Updating

    I have the same problem, pricing formula update 100% and nothing happen.
  11. tomazs

    Need help with setting up my pricing formula

    It looks great support :oops:
  12. tomazs

    Problem with instagram and Pinterest

    Uh, thanx Mar for all your useful informations and experiences. I see, you are already a veteran in this madness digital world full of jerks.
  13. tomazs

    Problem with instagram and Pinterest

    I had a Rabbit setup on Pinterest on 17 hours, they suspended and close my account after one week and they won't communicate about that anymore. Any thoughts?
  14. tomazs


    Andy Warhol theme have just a welcome mail option.