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  1. Zesko

    Phone field has bug in login/my account

    Hello, DaVinci Theme: Phone field shows maximal 11-digit number in Login/My Account. I can not enter my 15-digit number into phone field. Sorry for my bad English.
  2. Zesko

    Other plugin Smart Slider 3 does not support Alidropship themes (DaVinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt).

    Hello, i installed other plugin Smart Slider 3. I created a new post with a slider. But the slider does not show in my blog on DaVinci theme. Why? Smart Slider 3 has no problem with woocommerce themes.
  3. Zesko

    DaVinci Theme: How can I change the gallery on startpage.

    Hello, how can I change the gallery of DaVinci to the gallery of Michelangalo?
  4. Zesko

    How to change four images of feature in DaVinci Theme?

    Hello, how to change four images of feature in DaVinci Theme?
  5. Zesko

    Social Rabbit: Sort of autoposter is wrong!

    Hello, sort of autoposter is "Old to new", not "random". But Social Rabbit reposted the same products and did not post the other products. For example: My website has 25 different products: Social Rabbit reposted 3 time only 6 different products on Instagram. The sorting is not 100% correct...
  6. Zesko

    Login does not work with Microsoft Edge.

    Hello, Login of my website theme DaVinci works fine with Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11. But it does not work with Microsoft Edge.
  7. Zesko

    Conflict between social rabbit plugin and social logins (social authorization)

    Hello, I am using AliDropship plugin version 1.0.4. If social rabbit plugin was enabled, then you can not login with social authorization (twitter- and google+ authorization). I disabled this plugin, social login of my website works fine.
  8. Zesko

    A good ads-traffic for Facebook

    Hello, what do You recommerced a good ads-traffic for Facebook? - Social Rabbit or - Facebook Ads (and Facebook Business Plugin) or - other? I need explaination why. Thanks!
  9. Zesko

    Does Social Rabbit work good with Facebook and Instragram ?

    Hello, i do not know about Social Rabbit (Plugin for Alidropship). But I read this forum that other clients have problems with Social Rabbit. I feel that this plugin is not safe. This is why I want to ask: Does Social Rabbit work fine with Facebook und Instragram today? I need one or more...