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    Orders with more products from different sellers?

    Hey guys, I tried to search for such topic here, but I wasn't able to find anything. In addition to your Shipping & Delivery page, where else do you state that in some cases customers might receive their orders in separate packages? I don't want to disappoint customers, but also don't want to...
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    Need help for my Woo Alidropship Store.

    I started a website recently - . I sell baby stuff as I have some niche products/tags/categories. So far I have spend a lot of cash and ended with just 2 sales (which didn't came from paid promotions). I tried Facebook ads, Instagram Influencers Promotions, Google...
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    Social Rabbit Facebook Product Poster Image Cropped in Facebook

    Hey dropshippers, hope you are all having great time selling online :) I have an issue with posting products on facebook. The problem is that the woocommerce product images are more like a rectangle and when auto posted on facebook, it get cropped and doesn't look well on facebook. Manual...
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    Selling my Gadgets Niche Store

    Hello, I am selling my Woocommerce alidropship website with 200+ products. Premium theme - DIGI. Alidropship plugin, Social Rabbit Plugin, Facebook Business Plugin, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page. I have set CloudFlare plus Argo and Super Cache Plugin. I have also...
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    Promotion of products 50% lower than the actual Aliexpress price?

    Hey guys, recently saw few ads of products that are 50% cheaper than the actual price in aliexpress. I am 100% sure these products are from aliexpress, because the descriptions and images are exactly the same. I wonder if anyone promoting this way their products and what's the idea or have they...
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    Shipping time and Country in single product?

    Hello all, I noticed on the non Woo version there is option to show on each product automatic calculations of time to ship in each country based on user IP address. I contacted Alidropship support to ask if this is available for Woo version and they said it's not. Anyone tried or found a good...