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  1. Moha

    GATI shipping to India?!?!

    Hi, how do I select GATI shipping service to India? I have not seen this option in any store. But I know this service is available and some leading stores in India are using this to deliver within 10 days. Can any Aliexpress seller answer? Moha
  2. Moha

    Theme Issue - home page and blog showing different themes

    Hi, I have rembrandt as active theme. However, for some reason my blog page theme has changed to da vinci. All the changes I did are lost in my original theme in blog page. I tried to change headers and some stuff. However, it looks like the blog page is optimized for mobile view only and...
  3. Moha

    Missing iconv error for new plugin

    Hi, I get MISSING ICONV error while trying to install a new plugin. Tried google. Could not find anything helpful. Any ideas??? Regards Moha
  4. Moha

    Chrome Extension Not working!

    Hi, I am not able to download products. I have authorized my website but still it keeps asking me to authorize. See the green dot on the extension. How do I fix this issue? Regards Moha
  5. Moha

    Rembrandt Slider Image issue

    Hi, Need help with the slider image sizes for Rembradt theme. Its possible that this was discussed in the forum and resolved. But I could not find a solution thread. The theme says 1920x420 as the image size. But this size does not fit in the placeholder. The image always gets stretched and...
  6. Moha

    Blog post thru wordpress app or IFTTT

    How do I link my website to wordpress app so that I can post to blog with ease? Is there a way I can link my site to IFTTT so that I can cross post? When I tried it says RPC is disabled.
  7. Moha

    Buying from own affiliate account?

    Hi, I am planning to buy a custom store. Can I buy from my own affiliate link so that I can save on affiliate commission?
  8. Moha

    How to remove number of products in menu???

    Hi All, Im using Micheal Angelo. I need help with below. How do I remove the count of products in my menu? Thanks in advance. Moha
  9. Moha

    Wordpress blog on my website

    Hi, Here is a noob idea that I need help with. I have a alidropship website. Hosted on alidropship. I have a wordpress blog that is getting 250+ daily traffic. Question: Is there a way I can make my wordpress blog part of my site? So that traffic to my blog can come to ""...
  10. Moha

    Renaming Image files

    How can I rename image files without going into cpanel? Some of my image files from aliexpress have ridiculously long file names causing index issues. Looking for a simpler way to rename file and update image url.
  11. Moha

    Adding Stripe logo to checkout page?

    I have Stripe enabled in my account. But I dont see any place to show that credit card payments are powered by Stripe. I run michael angelo theme. How do I add stripe logo?
  12. Moha

    G2A payment gateway

    Is integration available for G2A gateway? Looks like this can be a nice alternate for Stripe to receive US payments, and they allow withdrawal via paypal.
  13. Moha

    Free US Address

    Hi, Has anyone tried or for setting up free address in US? I have registered and got street address. Planning to register for Stripe using this once I have my payoneer activated. But wanted to check if anyone has experience using these services. Thanks
  14. Moha

    Change price and discount% for products

    Hi, I have set up a new store and adding products. I have set up pricing formula rules. However, I want to know how to change old price and discount% for products with variations. If a product is priced at $5 at aliexpress, I set up rule as 2x. The selling price in my site is $10. But the...
  15. Moha

    Paypal - personal vs business account?

    Hi, Need support from seniors here. I have a PayPal personal account which is linked to my ebay store. Can I use that account in my site? If yes, how do I show website name instead of my email in checkout?