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  1. neeraj89

    Any way to enter mass tracking details, if using csv/excel file?

    Hello, I use original plugin, and dont use aliexpress to place order. I send excel to my supplier. He sends me tracking details via excel sheet too. Is there any way to update tracking from excel sheet? Thanks.
  2. neeraj89

    upcoming fb pixel update?

    Hey team, Fb is releasing some pixel update related to some first party cookie option for ads. They also said to make changes in our event manager. What you guys say on this. Are you going to update facebook business plugin or any guide for this? Thank you. @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina
  3. neeraj89

    Paytabs Payment Gateway

    Hey Guys, Anyone using paytabs gateway for their stores? How is their services. Is there any reserve held and how is their payment cycle? Thanks..
  4. neeraj89

    Google merchant setup

    Hi, Was going to try google shopping ads for the first time. Do we need to select all the categories, while generating XML file? Or just one category is fine (which i am going to advertise)
  5. neeraj89

    chatbot and email marketing?

    Hello guys, Anyone using chatbot like manychat and some type of email marketing setup? This is to increase the sales right. Can you recommend any tutorial for the same. Thanks
  6. neeraj89

    2 pixel found on ******.com

    Hello, when i checked the product page with facebook pixel helper extension, it shows 2 pixel installed. Screenshot is below. kindly check.
  7. neeraj89

    Change product link in order confirmation mail

    Hi, Can i change the product link in the mail, which is sent to the customer after they order. Please tell me how to do it. Thanks.
  8. neeraj89

    customer email list download option from store

    hello , How to download customer email list product wise in csv/excel format. Objective will be to create custom customer list for fb ads. so i need to import data and short it on the basis of average order value, product wise. Please tell me how to import data.
  9. neeraj89

    " ** shoppers are viewing this product now " Possibilities?

    Hello Team, Please see the screenshot. This is cool.. right.. it encourages buyer and increases more trust. Any possibility to add this, via plugin or updates. @Yaros
  10. neeraj89

    Dynamic product ads?

    Hey @Yaros , do you have some tutorial on how to upload catalogue on facebook, and do dynamic product ads.. I am listening that it is very profitable type of ad format. @kingpin would love to hear your opinion and advice. Thanks..
  11. neeraj89

    multiple store help needed!

    Hi There.. Was thinking about starting second store. just few question, 1- i have one personal fb ad account, i want to create second personal ad account from my friend's id, (as i will be assisting him only, and he will manage that ad account, thats why i want to separate ad account). Both...
  12. neeraj89

    is phone number not mandatory field?

    Hello, Is mentioning phone number is not mandatory for customers orders? Around 50% of the order dont have the phone number in my case. i only use paypal. My supplier is saying that its important to mention their phone number.. Please make this mandatory field while filling shipping details..
  13. neeraj89

    how to identify high risk orders?

    Hi, @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova @kingpin yesterday i got few orders of same customer from Mexico, he placed multiple orders, total value USD 280. As mine is general store so he bought multiple items of different category. and he bought multiple quantities of few free+shipping items...
  14. neeraj89

    insert/embed Video in product listing?

    HI, can we insert video in product listing, like which shows the functioning of product and customer can play that video on that product page. What are the options?
  15. neeraj89

    quantity based discount option?

    hi Team, Are you planning to add option in which, customer can get discount if he purchase 2-3 quantity of a product. This can increase our average order value (AOV). Please consider this if possible. Thanks.:)
  16. neeraj89

    Discount Coupon With A Timer During Checkout?

    Hi, Is it possible to give discount coupons during checkout like in this attached image?
  17. neeraj89

    Upsell Plugin/Option?

    Hey Guys . Not experienced much. I saw people are getting benefit of Upsell feature in their shopify stores. So can we get this option in alidropship too? Which plugin is required for this. Thanks. :)
  18. neeraj89

    URGENT : Abandoned cart auto mails not sending

    Hello @Victoria Kudryashova , i have verified, by adding the product to the cart, and filling all details including mail and address (as normal customer does). So customer is suppose to get auto mail after 3 hrs of his add to cart. But in this case i didn't get any mail. So its not sending any...
  19. neeraj89


    Guys anyone knows how to change "TOP SELLING PRODUCTS" , "BEST DEALS", "NEW ARRIVALS" points., and replace them with something else. Lets say, Category -1, Category - 2 and so on....
  20. neeraj89

    need help in editing cart page

    Hey guys, How can i change/edit "Credit card" to "Debit/Credit Card". as shown in image.