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  1. mromaha

    Dali Them edit and issue

    My question: Is there any way to add a photo or background in the box that pops up when you hover over a menu. I just think there is too much white space and would like to display a photo or even change the color. I have attached a photo. Secondly, I'm having an issue with the product details...
  2. mromaha

    PHP 7.2 Errors --- issue on all my stores using Bluehost Please Help

    PHP keeps reverting back to 7.0 then I get an error Error! PHP Version is not suitable. You need version 7.1+ This almost always happens after an update or just random. seem to always happen multiple time with divinci 2 theme no matter what. this is what Bluehost sent me. ----------- The...
  3. mromaha

    I have two stores for sale.

    I have two stores for sale. stores will come with a new Facebook page and 6 graphic marketing ads each. make men an offer. currently no sales in these new stores. Because no marketing has been done. There is a variation issue with the camping store currently working to correct that and clothing...
  4. mromaha

    No variationss in my stores with Raphael theme and cant update about me page.

    The variation is no longer showing on my stores. It just shows one product but no size or color options. Is there a fix for this? The two stores this is happening on are all using the and the Raphael theme. Also, I have tried to change the message on the about me page and it keeps...
  5. mromaha

    Selling my store

    $800 I'm selling my store It's a great site with over 200 edited titles and descriptions. Only a month old a couple sales. What's included 1. Facebook business page 2. 14 digital product ads to help with marketing 3. Fb training course and pinterest marketing...
  6. mromaha

    Prices not showing on my store

    imported items from with the suggested price. Thought that was the issue so then I used alidropship plugin to update prices and still nothing just shows $.0.00 us A. on most products. Anyone know whats going on here.
  7. mromaha

    Davinci 2 Theme - How Do Change Top Right & Bottom Right Photo links on the home page

    I need to change the page these two photos link to. Currently these two photos only link to the all products category. It be nice to have an option to put in any link we want. For example the 3 slider images next these two have an option to place any page link you want. Mayber im over thiking...
  8. mromaha

    Two Stores for sale - Kids Clothing and Cryptocurrency store for sale

    Two stores for sale one kids clothing store and a cryptocurrency novelty store. Why am I selling the stores. These stores are custom stores created by the website Dropship Rocket. All our custom dropshipping stores are created with Alidropship. These stores where owned by a client however...
  9. mromaha

    Alidropship PHP 7.2 issues, Bluhost

    Alidropship plugin installed on bluehost I updated my php with bluhost to php 7.2 from 7.0.32 and for some reason I keep getting this error. Error! You installed AliDropship plugin for PHP 7.2, but your version of PHP is 7.0.32. Please download and install AliDropship plugin for PHP 7.0.32...
  10. mromaha

    What store should I create next ?

    Anybody have a great idea for a niche store. I made over 20 stores mostly for clients I have sold all 3 of my dropshipping store that I ran mostly because the price was right but now I'm really regretting selling my leggings store as I have seen proof of my client getting some crazy sales. So...
  11. mromaha

    Imports with no links in description

    It be nice for you to create a way to import products from Aliexpress and not have active links in the descriptions. So this way it would not link back to Aliexpress.
  12. mromaha

    kids clothing store for sale

    I have a kids clothing store for sale, selling for $200 client change there mind on it during mid build and I got to many other builds going to go back and finish working on it there over 200 products. The store still need to be optimized. PM for more info.
  13. mromaha clothing store for sale Was making this store for a client, however, the client wanted a completely different store which I agreed to. I have too many other stores to complete to go back and try and work on this baby clothing store. Please check out the store. I'm selling it for $200, there still...
  14. mromaha

    Rembrant - How do you change the Menu at the very top of Rembrant theme.

    How do you change the menu at the very top of Rembrandt theme? I done it before on another Rembrandt store build but for some reason cant figure it out today to save my life. Can anyone help me with this? Here are two photos of exactly what I am talking about. One website has no menu and the...
  15. mromaha

    Bitpay with woocommerce to accept bitcoin and other crypto coins as payment

    Has anyone used Bitpay with Woocommerce and Alidropship? I'm trying to use Alidropship and someway to accept crypto as a form or option for payment.
  16. mromaha

    cryptocurrency - Has anyone figured out a way to accept cryptocurrency on there site

    I was told by an admin that Payoneer will allow cryptocurrency as a form of payment. However I cant figure out how to get that option to work. I been looking around and not seen anything that shows Payoneer will accept any cryptocurrency. Has anyone figure out how to get Bitpay to work with...
  17. mromaha

    Error : Could not connection. cURL error 35: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS fatal alert

    I'm getting this error every time I try to put in my activation key. Could not connection. cURL error 35: gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS fatal alert has been received. can someone contact me
  18. mromaha

    AlieDropship Wont install fully PHP version back to 7.1

    I cant get this to install fully. I am using a DiVi child theme that has WooCommerce in it. I keep getting an error that says: Error! ionCube Loader Not found. Please check instructions . I moved to PHP Version 5.6 and still the same thing. However, I don't want to use the AlieDropship theme...