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    hyy, hosting question.

    hellow, can i keep my host and alidropship licence and change only domain? i wan't to start another project but i don't have enaugh money to buy another host plan and plugin. thank you
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    i do something wrong or? need feedback...

    hellow dropshippers, i've done my dropshipping website, paid some facebook ads (around 100$) and get no sales... i think i've chose wrong niche, products. and i've done it wrong when i bought domain, i wan't focus only uk but is not a good ideea... my website is
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    i have an error with footer i think, really need help please.

    i can't see all page because of footer i think... how can i solve it?
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    Abandoned cart Email templates is working?

    I've test abandoned cart but i didn't recieve any email with my order in cart (is enable). i waited 3 hours and more but didn't recieve nothing. Test email is working. I use pepipost as mailing service....
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    can someone help me with mandrill please.

    I've setup mandrill exactly how is here. but is not working, i try to fix it for 2 days and nothing :). can someone explain me what i've done wrong? thank you.