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    **** URGENT Update 0.9.9: STRIPE & PAYAL not working URGENT *****

    **** URGENT Update 0.9.9: STRIPE not working URGENT ***** Plugin Update 0.9.9: STRIPE not working after following: Many user complaining about it STRIPE error when CART is not empty : " You have passed.." (see attached error...
  2. M -> ???

    When get to in Chrome only (works fine in Firefox, IE, Safari) -> got redirected to (503 Service Unavailable) ..anyone know if that's bug, virus or something else ?? Or simply site is down ? Thx.
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    Plugin Update 0.9.8 : Socials not visible

    AliDropship ver. 0.9.8 – 31.05.2017 (current version) I don't understand your social login workflow. I'm using DaVinci theme (latest upddate 0.9.15) + AliDropship plugin (latest 0.9.8) This is how IT SHOULD WORK (1000s of app work like this): 1. Visitor click on FB or any other social icon at...
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    Import Reviews stopped working after update

    Import Reviews stopped working after I updated plugin (non-woo) Imported only 10 reviews ans then stopped, kind of freezing (airplanes flying on and on....). No new plugins installed/updated. Tried to import progressively 20, 40, 60, etc without images, still the same. Tried to...
  5. M anyone ?

    @Yaros, @Victoria, anyone else do you have any knowledge / experience with either as publisher or advertiser ? Is this legit ? Thx
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    Import Customers' Reviews: Remove ALiExpress

    IMPORTANT: Some customers' reviews contain words AliExpress, ALibaba or any other manufacturer name -> go to WP COMMENTS -> Search for keywords AliExpress, ALiBaba or any other manufacturer names -> Select all -> EDIT to Trash and Empty Trash
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    Trashed & Drafted Products: Does AliPlugin sitemap.xml include those ?

    Trashed & Drafted Products: Does AliPlugin sitemap.xml include those or not ? Search Engine bots when indexing find those products as well. How to prevent that ? I generate new sitemap.xml every day. Thx.
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    What is the return page after successful account registration ?

    What should be the return page after successful account registration ? Do we have to create a confirmation page ? I tested it and the return page -> 404 Page not found. -> http://mydomain.tld/undefined/account (and registered user is automatically logged in his account without prior...
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    Plugin : Non-Woo: Change Product

    Plugin : Non-Woo: Change Product Bug When select a new product and import into existing -> Product URL, Store URL and Store Name remain the old one, not being saved : not linked to the new if you did not save new URL you'd be never able to find the new link
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    Suggestions To Improve Non-Woo plugin

    1. Allow comments on product page. If not, customers will ask themselves who and how the heck anyone could have posted a comment ....?? This is a MUST, otherwise customers will find it's all scam & hack 2. Ad reCAPTCHA on all forms: Login, Register, Contact....Do NOT include reCAPTCHA on...
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    Reviews stopped being imported

    ADD REVIEWS FROM ALIEXPRESS (non-woo): Reviews stopped being imported starting on May 1 2017. Checked with my ISP, all OK. I have unlimited hosting disk usage and memory. Import is taking so long to load, sometimes up to 10 minutes (if choose UP TO 100, IGNORE IMAGES option always selected, no...
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    Major Flaw in both plugins

    Alidropship and Ali Woo have a major flaw. They both do not update prices correctly. Let's say the regular price is 19,99 and the sales price is 14.99. If a manufacturer (dropshipper) raise the price to 24.99 both plugins do not update the sales price, the sales price remain 14.99 and vice...
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    Mutli sites each with Dropship plugin installed: Products Export/Move ?

    I have a site with Alidropship plugin and so far I have over 2,000 products imported from (total file size, including images is about 5 GB after cleanup).. Now I am considering launching another site (and in the future more) with the SAME content and for that I am considering...
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    Product reviews import: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_review_count() on array in /home3

    Tried to import reviews for 1 single product containing 20 reviews with 5 stars only and got this error: Product reviews import: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_review_count() on array in / /home3/XXXXX/XXXXX/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product-reviews.php on line...