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    Strange Charges of Mailgun

    Hi there, I am not quite sure whether I should put my troubles in here since I got this issue first time. I am using email service of Mailgun since it is easy to work with AliDropship plugins. My plan is free as long as the volume is lower than a certain number. But I got a Scale 500k invoice of...
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    FB is ready to use now?

    Hello guys, I noticed the FB option shows up in my Social Rabbit plugin last week. I am wondering if ADS makes it back to work now. I have never set up FB in Social Rabbit before. Anybody knows how to get my App ID and Secret Key from FB? Any latest guide available? Thanks alot.
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    Timeline Gets Mess with Gallery Poster of Instagram This Morning!

    Hi everybody, I found my post timeline on gallery poster of Instagram gets crazy! the timeline messages showed in log area just gets mess and make no sense at all! what's happened out there? anybody can help to fix it? it sounds gallery poster doesn't follow the "Post every" settings! anyone get...
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    Gallery Poster Feature for Instagram and Twitter Really Works?

    Hey Guys, I just installed Social Rabbit last week, the Poster works fine so far, But all the Gallery Posters have never worked properly (cannot post on Instagram & Twitter and the template doesn't show up on Pinterest post), I am wondering if this feature truly works or not? Anybody here has...
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    Issues with Products->Edit Item

    Hello Guys, I noticed some issues about editing the product in the Visual Mode of Products->Edit Item, see the problems with attachment pictures here: 1. The second row edit bar on the top is missing now, make no sense why? they are there before, such as Undo & Redo icons 2. Fixed 3. Fixed Is...
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    Instagram widget couldn't show up

    I setup the Instagram widget with Account link & username on my site, it works very well before. But I noticed it was missing and left Facebook widget on my site alone. is anybody know why it cannot be displayed anymore, how to fix it? I am using Davinc theme. Thanks.
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    Which social media marketing software is the best one?

    I am looking for a social media auto posting tool now? Is anybody using one of them and give some suggestions? The free plans below: Hootsuite Buffer Mavsocial SocialPilot Later Tailwind Post Planner Social Rabbit (built by AliDropship with $69 one-time payment)
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    About Social Rabbit Plugin

    I am wondering if Social Rabbit works with the original AliDropship plugin? I didn't see it in the demo. Does anybody use it now? Thanks.
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    Notifications Issues

    Hi there, It's pretty exciting I got first order yesterday since bought the original plugin last Dec. But the big issue is my customer only received payment email from Stripe and no any purchase confirmation email from my web store, I only tested the notifications on Contact Form and...
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    About Inline HTML display problem

    I am using webmail horde groupware 5.2.14. The email in my box cannot be displayed properly, and show up something below: This message part contains HTML data, but inline HTML display is disabled. View HTML data in new window. Convert HTML data to plain text and view in...
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    Notifications setup

    Hi all, Can anybody mention some experience about this? I am working on this part for my store. I got some questions for asking here: 1. Is it necessary to register one individual mailing service provider? For a start-up store, it won't have many emails/notifications during your day/month...
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    How it exactly works about the cash flow in my web store?

    Not sure everybody really clear about how the money flows in his/her online store and know he/she did make money from his/her store, I got this newbie question here! From my understanding: 1. Store owner can first open the accounts for both PayPal and Stripe and link them with the owner's own...
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    Update WP to 4.9.4

    Hi there, I noticed there is a update sign with WP on Dashboard->Updates and a important note about doing backup DB and files before update WP to 4.9.4 I am wondering which way is the best and simple to do it. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin is the good one? Who can give some suggestions...
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    Edit Product Reviews

    Does anybody know how to edit the product reviews after they are imported. Because I noticed some individual word cannot be translated into English and stay as the original language there, so I need to get ride of those strange letters by re-edit that reviews. Is any solution for this issue...
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    Question about product menu path

    Under Appearance=>Menus=>Product Categories, I created 2 levels Product Category, hover over on Home Page like this: > Kids > Shoes > Toys After click on second level product category (Shoes), it changes to this: Home > Shoes which is missed the top level product category (Kids), it...
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    Problem About Import Products by AliDropship Google Chrome Extension

    Browse =>Search for my products =>Tick filter boxes (Free Shipping and 4 stars &Up) =>Sort by Orders => Select my website and product category in the dropdown list =>Import 24 Items button shows on the Extension bar =>click on Import 24 Items button => button text becomes Import...
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    How to open Product options

    Anybody know the path to get Product Options open? I don't know where I should click to get this list:
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    Issues about modifications of Product Categories

    Under Products->Product Categories: I removed all the existing sample product categories there and add my own product category one by one but I cannot find a Save Changes button on the page and those pre-setting product categories still sitting there when I open my home page. My changes on...
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    Failed to setup cashback with Admitad

    I followed the instructions to setup cashback URL ( I did create admitad account and login and go to Programs->My Programs and The AliExpress program that I am connected to is Pending but Joined, the guide didn't mention this can be happened...
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    Don't know how to edit my home page

    Hello buddies, I am so exciting to get my new site setup (WordPress+AliDropship original plugin), I am using Da Vinci as the template for now, I think I will create a child theme based on it, so how to Da Vinci Save As as a child theme, then modify it and finally replace the original Da Vinci...