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  1. Peachy Chris

    Facebook likes solidarity

    Forget it.
  2. Peachy Chris

    Homepage Images

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with the images on the homepage. My theme is DaVinci. I only want one image, but the system shows me that other images are missing. How or What can I do to eliminate that? Thanks in advance @Victoria , @Ekaterina ....
  3. Peachy Chris

    +18 area in shop

    A question Is it possible to make a part of the shop with a private area? I sell lingerie and one of my categories is for +18 Is it possible to do that particular category, private? Thanks in advance
  4. Peachy Chris

    DaVinci theme for woo

    Is it possible that you make a DaVinci beta-theme to test it. I love that theme but I need to use woo in one of my shops because otherwise, I can´t ad products from outside Aliexpress. Could you do that? Please!!!
  5. Peachy Chris

    Help with Product Categories

    Hi everyone, I'm having problems with the description of the product categories. When I set up the description it doesn't fit correctly on screen. I tried changing sizes but with a negative result. See screenshot. 1 is short and past perfectly but the other one it won't fit. Many thanks in...
  6. Peachy Chris

    Deleting all products

    Exist a possibility to allow us to delete all the products at once? I want to re-start one of my shops with only one niche instead of what I have now. AliPlugin has that possibility. Could you do that also for AliDropship? Thanks.
  7. Peachy Chris

    Bulk uploading non-aliexpress products

    Hi everyone, I'll to know if it's possible to import products with a csv file. This plugin is working perfectly for me, but I've products from outside aliexpress and I want to combine them. Is it possible or I have to do it one by one? Thanks for your time!
  8. Peachy Chris

    Sizing Info

    Is it possible to add a Sizing info table for Ali-original?
  9. Peachy Chris

    DaVinci Child Theme

    Good evening everyone, I'm using the Da Vinci theme and I need help with 2 things. 1st in the header there is a square where we can put some message, right in the middle of the photo, I would like to put it at the foot of the picture, but I do not know how to do it. 2nd To keeping it after each...
  10. Peachy Chris

    Products Bulk Editing

    Hi everyone, I'm having problems changing my products from one category to another. I can't see the current category. That only happens with the bulk editing and not with the single one. Someone else experiencing the same problem?