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  1. Christopher Monk

    Davinci 2.0 WOO Menu Display

    I want to disable the numbers showing next to the category on the menu? How can this be done.
  2. Christopher Monk

    Davinci 2.0 Disable Slider For Mobiles

    I have installed the new Da Vinci 2.0 theme but when i few it on my mobile the slider image is not sized correctly and cuts off the image. How can i disable it for mobile devices? My site is called, plese visit it on a mobile device and you will see the issue. I also have a request...
  3. Christopher Monk

    Davinci 2.0 Slider Issue

    When i updated my store from Davinci version 1 to use the new 2.0 i noticed in mobile view the slider image on frontpage does not resize correctly and also i am unable to turn off the slider from being displayed. Can you add an option to hide slider on mobile screens?
  4. Christopher Monk

    How to remove the product numbers from catagory menu in Davinci theme

    I would like to disable the number of products showing up in the category menu. Please see attached image...
  5. Christopher Monk

    Buyer Protection Text

    Where in thee database can I edit the text in the buyer protection area on the single product page.?
  6. Christopher Monk

    Product Catagory Issue

    Hi, I just set up a new store and created my categories I added a product to the lingerie category but when I click on the category on the menu it loads up a blog post category and not a product category. Please see the image below. Not sure how to fix this problem also when i try to use the...
  7. Christopher Monk

    Issues with Aliexpress default site when using import

    Default Ali Express Is Russian not English when using woocommerce plugin import products option. how can i make sure when i search for any products or i open aliexpress it uses the english site and not the russian one? I have changed the language to be english but still this problem.??
  8. Christopher Monk

    How do I setup FREE PLUS SHIPPING for woocommerce.?

    Hi im very pleased with the woocommerce alidropship plugin and the latest update is great however, I am wanting to add some free plus shipping items and I am unable to correctly setup the shipping classes to allow for "FREE SHIPPING" and "FREE PLUS SHIPPING" items to be added to the cart...
  9. Christopher Monk


    Hi I have tried to set my products for free plus shipping but when i do the prices keep resetting to original price. I have disabled auto update and also deleted the product and started again but it still does not allow me to set the price to 0.00. This product is the one that will not allow...
  10. Christopher Monk

    Menu Catagory Count Removal??

    Hi I was wondering if there's a way to remove the item count shown next to the category name in the menu?