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  1. dtch

    Can't See Attributes / Variations After Importing?

    Is anyone facing this issue? I've imported a product from aliexpress but unable to view and edit the variations/attributes and so on.
  2. dtch

    xstore theme anyone tried?

    Looks good i'm about to purchase but wannt to check first.
  3. dtch

    How To Set Up FB Audiences?

    Hello. I'm looking to set up my facebook audiences for retargeting. Is there a way to set up an audience for those that add to cart but didn't check out?
  4. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    It Appears To Be A Registration Spam. How Can I Stop This? It's Wasting Alot Email Credits With MailGun
  5. dtch

    Chrome Extension 'Edit' Doesn't Do Sh*t

    Hey Guys, Is Anyone Having The Same Problem Where You Browse To Aliexpress Product Page Where You Want To EDIT For Importing But Nothing Happen When You Click It? -Extension indicator is 'ON' -Also in Alidropship 'Import Product Page' If you've figured out how to work this please share your...
  6. dtch

    2Checkout Not Working After Update

    Hello. 2Checkout isn't working for me after update. What's going on? Also I posted another thread where I can't Edit The Page Category Meta Title & Description. Please Help Thanks
  7. dtch

    [Michelangelo Theme] Category Metas Can't Be Edited?

    Hello, I'm trying to optimize my site's category meta title and description. But when I click save changes, nothing happens. Can I get help with this?
  8. dtch

    Products Not Show In 'Best Deals'

    Is there a way to get products listed in the 'Best Deals' section of the homepage?
  9. dtch

    Image Import Control

    Hello. I like to request for a feature that allows you to select the images imported. some of the sellers have water marks or their images which i do not intend to use on my side. basically i'm asking for more control over the images. etc set our own images for gallery or variations. Regards Dan
  10. dtch

    Notification Settings

    Has anyone figured out how to set the notification email api? i've tried sendinblue and sparkpost. am not receiving any test mail...
  11. dtch

    Michaelangelo Theme Mobile Issue

    Hello. I just noticed that the michaelangelo theme appears broken when viewing via mobile browser. Can this be fixed or updated?