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  1. Guillaume

    Not getting service order delivered

    Hello, I ordered the SEO starter pack last black Friday more than 2 months ago. they said they started more than a month ago but nothing was done. I contacted several times but they don't reply to me anymore and I still have not been delivered. I don't know what to...
  2. Guillaume

    customer found aliexpress

    Hello, Someone contacted me to ask me what was the difference with the products on my store and the ones on aliexpress as they are cheaper. I don't really know what to answer to that. Any suggestion? Thanks
  3. Guillaume

    Pinterest Buyable Pins

    Hello, With the original alidropship plugin, is it possible to create Pinterest buyable pins? If yes, please tell me how. If not, it would good to be able to do it. Thanks
  4. Guillaume

    Social Rabbit worth it?

    Hello, I wonder if Social Rabbit is worth it. Please, Can anyone who use the plugin give some feedback about Social Rabbit plugin? Thanks you