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    Tracking info does not update at all

    I got my first sale then fulfill it automatically without any problem but i noticed a problem with the tracking function it does not works, I am using the last woocommerce version of alidropship , have already authorized the alidropship extension and logged in my aliexpress account ,the tracking...
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    I cant upload products anymore .... Help Me !!

    This error comes up when I try to upload products it worked fine before i didnt change anything !! i have re-authorized my site Now the extension look like this But it didn't work out help me please !!
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    Missing items from dashboard

    I activated the product days ago, imported some product as well & test the plugin features ! everything seems to be alright, However several menu items seem to be missing such as "Orders" (but it's not a big deal cuz i can find it under the woocommerce section) , "Reports" is also missing &...