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  1. kingpin

    Shoutout to INDIAN dropshippers

    Hello mates There are so many of my personal Indian clients, friends and well wishers always show interest in doing Dropshipping business selling in India too but the biggest problem Dropshipping from aliexpress to india is the shipping time issue. Usually it takes 18 to 60 days to deliver an...
  2. kingpin

    What are the most important plugins you're using for your woo store?

    Hello Mates Many times i get messages from fellow members asking me about all the best plugins I'm personally using on my stores. So here is the list of plugins i use on my stores accordingly without any compatibility issues or errors. 1. Table Rate shipping plugin: Its needed to create...
  3. kingpin

    What's your favourite woocommerce theme?

    Hello mates I'm just curious to know what are the themes fellow members are using for their woocommerce stores My favourite is flatsome. Would love to know yours too :)
  4. kingpin

    Importing Aliexpress seller Shipping methods

    Hi This is going to be great @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova @Christina if you guys can make it possible to import shipping methods provided by aliexpress along with products. There is a plugin i checked on codecanyon named ali2woo that's having this feature available...
  5. kingpin

    What's the biggest obstacle that's stopping you to build a successful Dropshipping Business?

    Hey everyone I joined alidropship forum last year on December 8th. And its more than a year now and feels so amazing that i found alidropship plugin :) I'm running many successful Dropshipping stores and I'm loving the business. I get number of requests and shoutouts for help and support I do...
  6. kingpin

    Get Email list of prospects of any niche + Buying Keywords curated using Amazon (FREE GIFT FROM ME)

    Hello mates. I have an Early Christmas gift For you all :) I am into E-commerce from almost one year now. I'm doing great with my business and grown from zero to a consistent ROI. I always believe in experimenting and find out new ways that can help me increase ROI and business. I am using...
  7. kingpin

    [NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE

    PS: SOON I WILL STOP ACCEPTING NEW ORDERS TO KEEP THE SERVICE ABUSE FREE AND SMOOTH FOR EXISTING USERS Hey fellow members, Finally the tool You all were waiting for is now LIVE. Alidropship plugin is such a wonderful solution to create a store but the problem for beginners and most of the...
  8. kingpin

    How's Instagram Shoutouts working for you?

    Hello fellow mates I'm curious to know how instagram shoutouts are working for you? Some questions i am having 1. What message pitch do you use that works the best for you while Contacting an influencer? 2. How much do you spend per shoutouts? 3. What's your ROI in average per shoutout...
  9. kingpin

    A CHALLENGE: New Store New Strategies and WIll run NO ADS

    Hey fellow dropshippers Yesterday i met one of my friends and had a great evening. We were talking about different things about ecommerce business and marketing. She asked me or i would rather say challenged me if I could make sales without spending a single dime on paid ads. And me as a hero...
  10. kingpin

    Thank you Yaros

    Thank you Yaros for creating this forum. Many of us here have so much to share which can be used as case studies for new members and others to learn and get some motivation on how and what strategies to use to success with ecommerce Dropshipping I will share some posts for this forum soon :)
  11. kingpin

    Plz add this New Forum category

    Hi @Yaros Just a quick suggestion. Please add a forum category with a name CASE STUDIES or something if you find it may help members here Add under the forum name YOUR DROPSHIPPING WEBSTORE Case studies help people to learn new ways and methods. Just my opinion:)
  12. kingpin

    A Simple but Ninja way to find TOP selling Products and Niches

    Hi all the awesome people out here. Hundreds to thousands of people on Shopify are into Dropshipping businesses. Many of them are making millions every month and spying on them will surely give you some quick ideas and sales too :p So my mentioned method will help you find the sites hosted by...
  13. kingpin

    YAROS - How is your Single Product site making $$?

    Hey @Yaros I Follow your thread on one of a forum where you were talking about a new strategy of having a single product site I'm pasting the exact lines of yours below "I decided to expand my business and try some new interesting strategy - Single Product Store! Meet my new site -...
  14. kingpin

    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Hey superstars and awesome people. Never knew ecom is that **** easy. Opened a new general store with some cool stuffs in it 30 days ago. And bang bang the results are just awesome. Its not a niche store Selling no cheap products like products below 10 dollars. Targeting USA and Australia...
  15. kingpin

    How to show this on Woo version

    hello Yaros and team. Can you please tell which code I should add or how i should show this on my aliWOO version woocommerce store See the image below Thanks in advance
  16. kingpin

    My Results... 144 Sales in 5 days

    hello everyone here. i been studying and researching about ecom since 2015 but never got enough time to invest my time i started making a store a GENERAL STORE with cool trendy products. it took me 2 days to setup my store using some cool plugins and extensions and ofcourse ali woo plugin...
  17. kingpin

    2000 Evergreen Niches to Choose for your ECOM Store

    Are you struggling or finding dificulties finding niches for your store? here i go.... sharing with you all list of 2000 evergreen niches for your ECOM Store. Download from here : Do thank me if this helps
  18. kingpin

    Option to import products on a desired Category and some more suggestions

    hey i have some suggestions 1. Importing on desired product category right away like in my site i have categories like phone cases, earring etc so i want all the phone cases products that i import to go directly into phone cases category and likewise. I saw some aliexpress product importing...
  19. kingpin

    Ali WOO Plugin not importing all the Atributes from aliexpress

    hello there. I just installed Alidropship woocommerce version on my site. and its not uploading all the attributes as shown on aliexpress product page With non woocommerce alidropship plugin it works and it loads all the mentioned attributes but with woo version it only imports and shows two...
  20. kingpin

    Make Davinci theme compatible with Woocommerce

    hi there. I love Davinci theme and would love to see it working/compatible with Woocommerce. I want to use Davinci theme with the woo version of alidrop ship plugin This would be awesome to have this. Thanks in advance Let me know whatd you think about this