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  1. Doug

    Edit not working properly (chrome extension)

    For me, it's super useful to use the Edit option in the chrome extension before to import the product to my store. I click the Edit option and the process starts loading (that airplane animation), sometimes it works and I can edit before to import to the store. But most of the time 95% it...
  2. Doug

    Michelangelo theme Not responsive on mobile

    As you can see the logo and rating stars are totally out of alignment on Michelangelo.
  3. Doug

    Thank you page 404 page not found.

    Problem 1: I just did the customization in the thank you page through the customization menu. So, now I just want to see my thank you page. It should be at but there is just a 404 page not found error. Someone please, check if you can see your thank you page on...
  4. Doug

    Math & Traffic

    I was doing some math.. Let's say I want to make $1000 per month with my store. If I make $5 per product with a 2% conversion, I need 10,000 visitors on my store. Conversion 2% of 10,000 = 200 buyers 200 * $5 = $1000 So, we need traffic and serious marketing strategies, not just Facebook and...
  5. Doug

    Attention: Sometimes the plugin doesn't import the products

    I just spend 4 hours researching products on aliexpress and clicking to import, for my surprise I check my import list and nothing is there!! Be careful, always check after import the first product when you adding more products to the store, make sure it's working... The plugin give no clue...
  6. Doug

    Error 404 for new products added.

    I am trying to add my first products, after add a product I can see it on the store, but it shows error 404 when I click on the product. What should I do?
  7. Doug

    Import Product showing less products than Ali and purchase volume weird

    Hi, When using the Import Product search and using the Purchase Volume filter, it's not working like I expect. 1. I just put the keyword "ps4" and click to filter and it shows 1269 items but Aliexpress shows 30000+, why? 2. I just put the keyword "ps4" and click to filter, after that I click...
  8. Doug

    Princing rules discussion

    Hey guys, I opened this thread so we can discuss about product prices strategies.. Is there somebody using the rules below and working good? Did you adapt it? $0<Supplier Price<$1= Your Price: $7.95 $1<Supplier Price<$5= Your Price: $9.95 $5<Supplier Price<$30= Your Price: Supplier Price x 2...