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    PHP version upgrade

    You set in cPanel, if you are not familiar with it, ask help from your host provider support.
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    PHP version upgrade

    You transition your site to PHP7.4 if it is supported by your host provider. But PHP7.3 is compatible to many plugins compared to the new PHP7.4 and it is not the reason if site health is not good, very far from it. My sites were running with PHP7.4 but I set it back to PHP7.3 due to...
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    Anyone use Cloudflare CDN?

    What do you mean page rules? You create an account in Cloudflare and you will learn.
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    May I know what is this 'free or only for the first month'?
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    Automated email with tracking id for order with multiple item

    In the woo version there is an option to include or not include tracking number in order shipped notification. I am not sure of the original plugin.
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    Automated email with tracking id for order with multiple item

    Tracking number will trigger the shipped notification email. You cannot send it manually unless with your own format. If the multiple item from different seller is in one order, the shipped notification email will be sent out when all items has been shipped with tracking numbers. If only one...
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    Spare parts

    If you mean you will buy the parts from AliExprerss and ship to you, it is possible. Since you have the physical products, AliExpress has nothing to do with order fulfillment so everything including prices and shipment will be taken care of by you. Simply add the products to your site. This...
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    I don't think the add-on will know if products added to cart are from the same seller. Also, it is another product that add weight so it just make sense to have another shipping cost if it is not free. It is something to live with.
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    Instagram Growth Service | Real Active Followers | 100% Safe

    I have tried this services with the same promises including 100% Safe but my Instagram account was banned and penalized for several days. I would never use this services again, no matter how you say it is safe.
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    Struggling with my 1st Alidropship site

    My post was a mistake and it is deleted. To make sure a post is understood to whom it is addressed, 'Reply' should be clicked. except if the post is addressed to everybody.
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    Is there any plan to make put a cross through nice attributes for out of stock products?

    That would be enough. Better spend time on more important issues.
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    Is there any plan to make nice attributes work in Flatsom's quick view?

    No big deal. If a visitor want to see nice attributes, the main product page is always available. That request don't make sense.
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    Product Variation images are Not showing on single product Page.

    Have you tried using another theme? Porto theme is not one of recommended themes for alidropship. Try another theme just to find out, you will not lose anything.
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    How to get customer email in alidropship woo

    You are thinking of yourself only, not the side of the customer. If I am a customer of your store and I am forced to add my email just to add product to cart, I would leave without doing anything. You must realize that people don't easily give email address for obvious reasons unless if it is...
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    How to get customer email in alidropship woo

    There is no option to require customers to provide email when adding items in cart. Even of there is, I would not choose the option. If I am the customer, I would not add items in cart if I'll have to provide email first. In short it has a negative effect.
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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.8 - UPDATE

    Thanks to the team in this update. This answer the frequent question and confusion of Ship from attribute: You can't delete the whole attribute 'Ships from' in WooCommerce - you can only rename it or delete only some of its values.
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    Awesome fashion store is for sale

    If you deceive members of the forum again you will be banned from the forum.
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    Awesome fashion store is for sale

    This is irrelevant to the thread. You need to post your own thread.
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    Awesome fashion store is for sale

    I saw only 11 products. How could you deceive people like that? And you call the store awesome?
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    This statement is very far from the truth. I have transitioned my sites to PHP7.4 for about a week. Everything was working fine, but to say it is much faster is exaggerated. You won't even notice any change.