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  1. The Dropper

    threads not approved

    I've posted a thread yesterday on stores for sale section, I think it wasn't approved but shouldn't we receive notification for that ? I'm sure it'sit's disapproved coz it promoted store creation services that's far cheaper & realistic than ADS the price's here. I'mI'm not looking for any...
  2. The Dropper

    anime wholesale site that's still receiving orders + stripe account

    Hi everyone, I'm putting for sale a store that sells anime products in wholesale, the store uses alidropship plugin of course and already made $500 that month. I've had many stores on anime niches back when Alidropship was just launched but then these niches got saturated so i decided to change...
  3. The Dropper

    items images not showing

    i noticed that after te recent Davinci theme update , the items image are no longer displayed which make it harder to edit product ! any solution for that ?
  4. The Dropper

    Atlas By Stripe

    Hi , I checked stripe page today & it seems that the Atlas Program is now open for everyone, does anyone here registered a company through their program ?? I would love to hire about that & how they deal with dropshippers . Also, as I read they don't offer LLC for now but only Corporations, You...
  5. The Dropper

    Established Store [SOLD]

    Hi , I Created that store during the beta test & i believe it has a lot of potential for growing , I'm focusing now on some Cliclbank JV and I will sell all my ADS stores : Domain : ======== SOLD = Instagram : 3300 followers . Facebook : 500 Likes . No Marketing is done , Only Social Rabbit...
  6. The Dropper

    New section

    I suggest adding a new section for Marketplace, where we could sell extra services such Themes customization, add-ons, Design & coding, SEO services ..etc and stores too .
  7. The Dropper

    Anyone work with fans merch ?

    Hi guys, did you noticed that some Chineese suppliers launch their own store, accepting paypal payments and selling with the same price to public ? before the issues was that they started getting into ebay, so it becomes harder to sell there and compete with them since they sell in the same...
  8. The Dropper

    Product Poster Need improvment

    Hi, I'm usingSocial Rabbit since 3 months, when I always chek my Instagram & Facebook, I found that it post Only 50% of my products, and then it start posting the same products again, although I have in settings that it should post products from Old to New, but sometimes it post the same product...
  9. The Dropper

    Non English characters

    I think the plugin should have an option to force customers typing English letters only in the order form, as it's required by Ali express.
  10. The Dropper

    PayPal personal & credit card

    Is anyone here using his/her personal paypal account to get payment ? i have tons of abandoned payments , all of them with PayPal standard , mean they choose to pay with credit card , to make sure , i had to contact personally each customer , they all stated that PayPal won't let them pay with...
  11. The Dropper

    Davinci theme 0.9 update

    Hi , anyone else got that problem with the latest theme update ? after i do so , everything seems fine except the product page , all the product information's got disappear , and it's like that the CSS codes got deleted from the page . I restored a backup of my website & hided the update ...
  12. The Dropper

    Facebook Shootout Test

    Hi , few days ago i tried facebook shootout for the 1st time , and here i'm sharing my results with you : I published the shootout on a Facebook page related to the niche , with +100k fans & good engagement . it cost me 25$ for 24 hours , they extended it to more 6 hours as a bonus + they...
  13. The Dropper

    Beware of misleading sellers

    Hi , i've been looking for a product in aliexpress , i found a seller that sell the product for 2.37$ + FREE shipping with epacket , product has about 40+ orders & good 10-25 feedback post, The seller got good ratings ; something like 300 points , i added this product to my store , but when i...