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    Feature Suggestion: Mapping variations to multiple sellers

    I would like to make a feature suggestion. It would be great to be able to map product variations to multiple sellers on aliexpress so in case one seller runs out of stock on a particular color you could order that color from another seller without having to place an order manually. Also would...
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    Please let us change the license domain name.

    Hi, I have to test new niche stores using Shopify just because I can quickly change the domain if a product doesn't work. Can you please implement, for example, a personal cabinet where we can change the domain name tied to a license? I want to use alidrophip to test stores but I simply can't do...
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    Pricing formula bug

    Hello, I've set up a pricing formula that's supposed to end the prices with ".90". Only the first variation of my products ends with .90 the other variations end with .89 for some reason. I've also tried "Assign cents" but it didn't help.
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    Customized products

    Hello, Is it possible to add an upload file field with any of the original alidropship plugin themes? For example, if a product needs to be customized for a customer?
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    Australian cities

    Hello, it would be nice to have a feature when an Australian city is not on the list on Aliexpress, the plugin chooses "other" and puts the city in the address line 2. This would pretty much eliminate the need for manual address input.
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    Accidental product import window closure

    Hello, is it possible to recover the product import window if you accidentally click outside it? It's very annoying when I've been working on a product I'm importing for a while and one accidental click outside the import window kills all the progress.
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    Edge Extention

    Hello, are you planning on making an alidropship edge extension anytime soon?
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    Variations are not exported

    Not sure if it's a plugin bug or something's wrong with my site setup but very often, usually when there're lots of variations with images they don't get exported. I have to find the same product from a different seller in this case but this is very time-consuming. Is there a way to make sure...
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    Cashback url is not correct

    Hello, I suddenly started getting "cashback url is not correct" error, I didn't change anything and I'm using EPN url which has been working fine until today. The link by itself works fine as well.
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    Chrome plugin text editing doesn't save

    Hello, when adding and editing a product from aliexpress, text editing, like colors, bold font does not get saved. Also, external links get cut out when a product is imported. Is it me only?
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    Abandoned cart not capturing emails

    I can't figure out how to capture emails when the cart is abandoned. I tried entering different emails from different computers and different IP addresses subsequently abandoning the cart but no emails were captured. I checked "email lists" in marketing menu and it shows 0 emails. I also...
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    Conditional free shipping

    Is it possible to set up conditional free shipping like, for example, free shipping for orders from $30? Couldn't find anything about it in the settings, though maybe there is some kind of a trick.