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    Option Variation Image not changing - Rembrant Theme

    Hello Team, After theme update today, option variation image not changing. Please help
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    Can we use .shop domain for dropship ?

    Hi Superstars, Can we use .shop domain for dropship ? Please help
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    Solution to stop Drop Ship Orders Are Being Cancelled / Closed

    If you're a dropshipper using Ali Express to dropship items to your customers you may have experienced either your credit card company blocking transactions, or Ali Express themselves cancelling or closing out your orders. This happens for one of two reasons. Because either it looks...
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    Trending Dropship Products and Marketing Videos

    Hi Dropshippers, I created a FB group to share latest trending products from aliexpress with marketing videos. Join and boost your sales.
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    Just a Thanks Message

    Hi all, It is just a thanks message to @Victoria Kudryashova I moved my website from one domain to another. But cannot restore the backup files. When i contacted the alidropship support team, they responded very fast and restored my back up files to my new domain. Finally i got my website...
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    Video ads

    Dears, Anyone using videos for FB ads ?
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    Instructions to restore backup files - Please help

    Dear Admins and dropshippers, Any instructions available on how to restore backup files ? Alidropship plugin - Rembrandt theme I moved my website from one domain to another one. But cannot restore the backup files which taken from my old site. Can anyone please help ?
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    Aliexpress blocking card - Please help

    Hello Friends, Aliexpress blocking my payment process. got the below error For security reasons this process can not be continued.To make sure your transaction is secure, please provide us with documentation by clicking My Appeal for further verification. I already appealed. Any guess why i...
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    How to manage paypal disputes and return/refunds ?

    Hello Mates, Can you please help How to manage paypal disputes and return/refunds ? Thank you
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    Product Videos - FB Ads - Copy writing issue - need help.

    Hello Guys, Kindly apologies, if the question is already solved. How to use product videos in FB ads without getting any copy wright issue from Facebook ? Thanks in advance.
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    Facebook ads video - Cannot find in their pages

    Hello Friends, In my news feed I am seeing sponsored facebook video ads. When i am visiting their page, there is no videos there. Any reason behind using videos only for ads, not on pages? Can anyone please explain ?
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    Embedded videos not responsive in mobile

    Hello, Embedded videos not responsive in mobile. Tried youtube, vimeo, facebook videos. None is responsive in mobile. Using rembrant theme. Can anyone please help ?
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    FB edited ads - Pending review long time - any advice ?

    Hello Friends, New ads getting approved in minutes, but edited ads getting more than 24 hours to get approve. Any advice to overcome this ? @kingpin Your help is much appreciated here friend.
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    Search result page slow after davinci latest update

    Hello Friends, Search result page became very slow after davinci theme latest update. Anyone feels the same ?
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    Yoast SEO compatible with alidropship ?

    Hello Team, Yoast SEO plugin is compatible with alidropship ?
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    How to SEO Settings for blog posts ?

    Hello friends, How to enable SEO settings (meta contents) for blog posts in alidropship ?
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    Meta description for sub category pages

    Hello Team, @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova Some minor bugs in Meta description for sub category pages. The category name is missing. How to fix this ?
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    General Niche store - Suggestions please

    Hello, I am planning to look for a general niche store. example: toy store. which covers all the toys here. Please share your thoughts. Thanks for your help
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    Facebook Advert Account Flagged - 2nd time

    Hello Friends, Need your help. My ad account blocked for 2nd time as violated the facebook terms. Actually tried instagram ads only. This is the ad text used in instagram last night. Dear Friends, QUNHAI SG3000 6BB Ball Bearings Left/Right Spinning Reels 5.1:1 Price US $10.99 Special...
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    Home page and blog page shows same title - How to change ?

    Hello Team, Home page and blog page shows same title. It is bad impact on seo. How to change the header title of blog page ?