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  1. dtch

    Can't See Attributes / Variations After Importing?

    Chrome not loading fields. Firefox is. Whats goin on?
  2. dtch

    Can't See Attributes / Variations After Importing?

    Is anyone facing this issue? I've imported a product from aliexpress but unable to view and edit the variations/attributes and so on.
  3. dtch

    xstore theme anyone tried?

    Looks good i'm about to purchase but wannt to check first.
  4. dtch

    Return AliExpress Tracking number to Woo?

    how to add "Track your order" page?
  5. dtch

    Michelangelo Theme Product Category Issue

    you need to add products within the category for it to show
  6. dtch

    How To Set Up FB Audiences?

    Hello. I'm looking to set up my facebook audiences for retargeting. Is there a way to set up an audience for those that add to cart but didn't check out?
  7. dtch

    How much traffic?

    getting traffic via instagram, pinterest, twitter, facebook groups.
  8. dtch

    How much traffic?

    i get 200+ unique and not even an single order.
  9. dtch

    Any strategy to avoid FB Jail?

    you have to put something in the mix besides posting only to groups. just look at your activity logs. you want to make sure you don't only share or post to groups but do other things like ,., comment on posts, liking.... poking, adding friend etc,
  10. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    not the page spammers will us. they will target. domain.tld/wp-login?action=register domain.tld/wp-signup.php as for my site, recaptcha is working but didn't stop spammers from accessing the above url so eventhough i had recaptcha on my registration page, they were still able to register url...
  11. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    the only part of that list of fixes and update in the thread that relates to user registration spam, is implementing recaptcha. further more it is slightly outdated. i started receiving user registration spam earlier this week 21st April. the update was already made last week. which meant it...
  12. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    Hi Rosie. Enabling ReCaptcha Alone Will Not Block Wordpress User Registration Spam.
  13. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    Ok. I found a solution. The spamming bots uses wp-signup.php wp-login.php?action=register to register users (I found out) So i removed wp-signup.php from my wordpress install in cpanel using file manager. I then installed WPS Hide Login wordpress plugin (FREE) can change login path ( in...
  14. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    yes reCaptacha alone doesn't stop spam bots. God dammit.... wasting my mail gun credits. i see plugins available but not sure if it will conflict with alidropship..
  15. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    I'm still getting those unwanted registrations. freaking spammers! Ughghghg
  16. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    Cool thanks. I have enabled it. Hopefully it address the issue
  17. dtch

    Getting Alot Of User Registrations.

    It Appears To Be A Registration Spam. How Can I Stop This? It's Wasting Alot Email Credits With MailGun
  18. dtch

    Google shopping - "Missing microdata for condition"

    don't limit it to davinci make sure all the other themes has it.
  19. dtch

    Chrome Extension 'Edit' Doesn't Do Sh*t

    Hey Guys, Is Anyone Having The Same Problem Where You Browse To Aliexpress Product Page Where You Want To EDIT For Importing But Nothing Happen When You Click It? -Extension indicator is 'ON' -Also in Alidropship 'Import Product Page' If you've figured out how to work this please share your...
  20. dtch

    2Checkout Not Working After Update

    Hello. 2Checkout isn't working for me after update. What's going on? Also I posted another thread where I can't Edit The Page Category Meta Title & Description. Please Help Thanks