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    Can't download photos from product

    Anybody have the problem with "download" photos from ours stores? When i click PPM i didnt see "Save image as...", also when i click left button, i didnt see bigger image. Where is problem?
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    Export Orders to CSV

    Hello, i see that Export Orders are added info plugin AliDropship. I need this tool, but it needs some additional options. I need this tool to add orders to Baselinker. Example. 1. When i need to Export orders from 18.05 till 18.05 (all day) i click export (15 sites of orders for 18.05 in my...
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    RAM and CPU Usage

    Hello guys, somebode have the same? I have hosting with 4GB ram, and from 1 year everything was great. From last update i have really big problem. Alidropship developers cannot do anything, just keep writing that they will. My host increased my parameters to 32GB of RAM and 8 processor cores...
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    Are you making orders automaticly?

    Hello guys, i am writing to you to ask how you process your orders? Do you check the whole page, do the orders match and are you maikng it automatcally (20 orders) or do you check manually one by one and execute orders one by one?
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    Problems with heavy load resources by POST, admin-ajax

    Hello, i have a store on alidropship, but... i have a big problem. I have all plugins and theme updated. I have PHP 7.2 on my hosting. I have a really good hosting, but... RAM Usage it's terrible. There is a screen from last 24h. Now i have 4GB RAM, and when RAM reached almost the max value...
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    High RAM usage

    Hello, anybody have these issue with plugin? I have a hosting with 2gb ram. The user session is 20mb ram. When I have 100 users on the site there is a use of 2 GB. Is it normal?
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    Translate with GTranslated

    Hello, i need to add translations to other langs. I use gtranslated and everyhing was translated, but when i go to /cart page is still default lang. How can i add a code to /cart page?
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    Making orders?

    Hey guys! Now is really big problem with making orders. When i start make order automaticly with order who has 4 products + the plugin add just 2/3. With order for 10 products plugin add just 4 :D The products are work good, i can add it manuall, buy i need do it automaticly.
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    3 problems with placing orders automaticly...

    Somebody has a problems with placing orders? I has three. First problem was with when all the addresses are cleared and the order is executed, nothing happens - when the data should be entered. I must enter any address manually, then autocompletion will start. Second problem is when i made a...
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    Move to AliWoo

    Hello, i has dropshipping store with more than 1000+ products. Is there any option to move to AliWoo with this same store?
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    Issue with jumping CPU, ram and faults oO

    Hello i has a problem with my site. I has a really good hosting, but now when i try to scale my business, when i has 50-60people in one time in my website i has this (look on the screen). My CPU and ram usage jumping, but it was only 60people in one time. How to optimize it? I has only really...
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    Discount code doesnt work correctly

    Hello, i want to make a ads with a just one product, when customer add this product to cart the prise will be 10$, when customer add second THE same product, and add discount code, the price for two products will be also 10$. How to do it? I try to make a discount code with usage with minimal...
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    Auto update tracking?

    Hello, i have a problem. When i make orders i see statuss Processed and i didn't change it manually for shipped. But.. When the product was send i must manually click Get Tracking because it was didn't change automaticly.
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    Wrong order time after update

    Hey! How can i change a time on my store. On the WP Settings time was correct like in my country, but every order i see time from 2 hours earlier.
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    Problems with making orders?

    Anyone have a problem with making orders on aliexpress site? When i do automatical order sometimes city does not change, sometines i cant click any button and sometimes i see "Fill shipping adress manually". :(
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    Contact doesn't work

    Hello i have a problem, everything be good but now i don't receive a emails from "Contact". What can i check ? where is problem?
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    Slide Menu?

    Hello, how to add a slide menu to my store? Somethink like that:
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    Abondoned going to Paid

    Hello, i have a problem. I use a PayU payments and when customer abondone the order, after 24/h these order going to Paid. Whats wrong? On weekends I do not work and sometimes I get emails from customers that they have received a payout message. Please help. Regards
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    % off, how to edit the word?

    Hello, how can i edit the word from % OFF at the product on homepage?
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    Numbers of sold items

    Hello, how to delete these to for items at homepage?