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  1. essamfayez

    Import reviews problem today

    Todat May 21,2019 I noticed that to import reviews for one product it's not going on. I try to import them along the day till now it's not working! Any suggestions please. Essam
  2. essamfayez

    New arrivals block error

    New Arrivals block not shown in front page !!!! I use last updated original alidropship plugin. With last updated da Vinci v2 themes. Its only shown when I login to WP for update any products. When I logged out and go to my site and refresh the browser the block didn't show any...
  3. essamfayez

    SMTP error

    Hi all Good day I create an email in cPanel as I test it I sent from gmail to it was ok. I sent from to gmail it was ok but in spam folder! why ??? I sent from yahoo to it was ok. I sent from...
  4. essamfayez

    Dose my stor collect data of customer credit card?

    Hi all I am new alidropship client and I am starting my new store. I come to the payment method option page I see a template of the payment method and its say you will be redirect to the PayPal page to complete the payment! So. I have 2 questions First dose my stor site collect customers...