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    Alidropship - auto order isn't working and is not allowing me to add order notes.

    When alidropship woo is activated in plugins - the order function does not work and also it wont let me add order notes. It's only when I disable the plugin I am then able to add order notes. Please help I have stuck with 12 orders to process.
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    My Social Rabbit plugin has stopped working.

    Hi my social rabbit plugin keeps asking for a key?
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    Social media account is growing but...

    Hi Guys, I've had my alidropship store for the best part of a year now and we took things initially slow and we have landed a few sales here and there.. We have tried to run FB/Insta adds shout outs and competitions but not really getting any traction. It could be the niche, the store, the...
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    Stripe Payment not accepting cards after upgrade/update

    Hi Guys, I've noticed that I have started to get a lot of people abandoning the cart during credit card purchases after testing myself I found I could not enter any card details when I click Credit Card. I have updated to the latest Wordpress and AliDropship. I have also updated Stripe API Id...