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    Not able to import from Aliexpress woo version

    Hi, I am facing issue in importing from aliexpress. Is there any solution I have added the authorization for my site, but still it ask for authorization
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    Any Success Story on Using up-sell using Alidropship?

    Hi, If any drop-shipper who are using alidropship upsell Addon plugin and making good number of sales using it, kindly tell your success story in this thread and also if possible, best practices used while using Upsell addon, this will help others to learn from your learning.
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    Were can i get Trancation fuctions for Google Tag Manager Implemetation

    Hi, I am implementing google tag manager for my site, i am using the Alidropship Plugin original. Need the fundtion names used in this plugin for using in my GTM. Below is the sample GTM Datalayer that needs to be triggered, i need to make it dynamic by calling actual function. Let me know any...
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    How to add my Coupon code in my Purchase Template

    Hi, I am looking for a process to add coupon code for my purchased customer in the Email confirmation notification. Kindly someone help me to add the coupons in my Purchase mail sent to customer. It will be helpful to others also if we solve this query Thanks
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    Review Plugin not working in my site - Solved

    I am test the review plugin in my site, currently its not working, i have imported the review for my product and add the Tag on my page, it keeps showing the loading symbol in customization tab. Kindly find the images
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    Not Getting any response from support

    Hi, I have sent a mail to support team regarding a issue related to customer registration issue (24 hours back), till now i have not got any reply from the support team. Also i sent a live chat request 10 Hour back to check the issue status, no response, if this is the case, then i need to see...
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    Can we have a feature on SMS Marketing like SMSBump

    Hi, I was just wondering can we have the SMS marketing for Abandoned Cart prospect recovery, this feature might also help in getting the customer back based on the Mobile number left on checkout page. Just a suggestion, Let us know if this can be built There is a shopify app called SMSBumpp...
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    Question about incentive shipping

    Is there a method in this plugin for making shipping free if customer purchases product above 50$? Ex: By above 50$ and get free shipping Looking for some solution
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    Cross sell using Transnational Mail

    I was reading a blog on email marketing for ecommerce companies. I came across a strategy for crossing product in transnational mail. What do you guys thing about this feature? Any suggestion?
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    Product Image Zoom option

    Hi, It would be great if product zoom option available in Product page.
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    My Sendgrid Approval got rejected. What is the next best service?

    Hi, I applied for sendgrid account creation, but approval was rejected and got this mail from their team Hi there, Thanks for reaching out to SendGrid. Our provisioning team leverages a variety of data points such as IP reputation, input from the community, geo location, etc. Unfortunately...