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  1. Mar

    Ads SEO Image Optimizer conflict with image editor

    I just discovered a conflict between the Ads SEO Image Optimizer plugin and the built in image editor. I cannot edit a product image with the error below. Anybody who installed this plugin and encounter this issue, deactivate the plugin. This is what happened at my end.
  2. Mar

    Variation images gone after Bulk Action Reset

    I performed the new Bulk Action Reset to restore the Ship from attributes I edited earlier. The result: Ship from attributes are back but all variation images are gone. I'll have to reset the product in edit page Supplier tab to restore the variation images and that is in all product one by one...
  3. Mar

    Not receiving alerts

    My forum account inbox has a number of new private messages but I don't receive alerts in my email. My email account is receiving emails normally. The problem could be with the forum site as it was down many times recently and could be affected by the maintenance of the site. Support team...
  4. Mar

    Add Filter by seller to admin product page

    I just removed products of a seller that has a good rating in AliExpress but turned out to be bad. It took me sometime to identify the products. I wonder if it is possible to add a "Filter by seller" in the admin product page so we can just filter products of a seller. I know that this is a...
  5. Mar

    Out of stock products

    @Victoria Kudryashova/Support team, I randomly check Social Rabbit posts and a number of times I saw this out of stock products being posted. The products are not in the draft folder and the status are published that is why it is posted. When you check it in AliExpress, the products are actually...
  6. Mar

    Image Editor additional tool

    Alidropship Team, as I suggested in other thread, if this tool that work like the Healing Brush Tool of Photoshop is added to the Image Editor, it would help much to the hardship of removing watermarks and logos of product images. For now, removing watermarks like in the image below, the image...
  7. Mar

    Social Rabbit so unstable

    Social Rabbit is very unstable. The last time my Social Rabbit was not working in Pinterest, it took a month for Social Rabbit support to resolve the issue. Now it is not posting again in Pinterest since last Jan. 8 without any errors in Poster activities. This is not to mention not posting in...
  8. Mar

    Alidropship chrome extension slowing down site.

    @Victoria Kudryashova, I am not sure if anybody else has this issue. When ever Alidropship chrome extension is active in my browser, my site is almost in a stand still and sometime break down with error 502. When I am logged in, the admin page is very very slow. When I open the site in other...
  9. Mar

    Social Rabbit not working in all networks

    Hello, @Yaros, @Victoria Kudryashova, @Elena, @Christina, @Nadezhda, it's been a week now since I reported my Social Rabbit not posting in Pinterest, nothing happened until now. Today, even in Instagram and Twitter it is not working also. So it is not working in all networks now. I know there is...
  10. Mar

    Social Rabbit update

    @Elena, @Victoria Kudryashova, my Social Rabbit was working fine with PHP7.1 until the update today. It broke my site with the error: Fatal error: The file /home/alexaexp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/social-rabbit/vendor/Utils/Plugin.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6 and...
  11. Mar

    Currency Switcher with Caching Plugin

    It is hard to change currency in Ali woo currency switcher with a caching plugin active. I tried dynamic caching, even Woocommerce Cache Handler, it worked but they significantly slow down the loading of the site. I have asked the support of a caching plugin how to exclude the currency switcher...
  12. Mar

    Unsecured pages

    After the latest update of Ali woo plugin, the products I imported open without SSL. While the rest of the site open in SSL, the new single product pages open unsecured or without SSL. This is the same when I opened in other browsers, but the same pages open with SSL in mobiles. I'm wondering if...
  13. Mar

    Alidropship for WooCommerce

    @Ekaterina Sayapina, I am building a new website, this time the woocommerce version. I have sent you messages in PM days ago, about some issues I notice along the way. I have resolved some of it, some not. I am just wondering when are you responding to the messages, if ever. I am not wondering...
  14. Mar

    Inaccurate shipping information

    I received a one item U$437.00 order today after the 20% discount I offered in my store, only to realize that I might have to issue a refund. The reason is when I checked the product in AliExpress, it turned out that it is not really a free shipping product. The shipping address is Brazil, and...
  15. Mar

    Gateway is damaged

    I need Alidropship support team to help me find out why I have so much failed orders,(abandoned, cancelled, failed). When Paypal Express Payment failed I have eight failed orders before it was fixed. When it was fixed abandoned orders continued. The chat support advised me to disable the Paypal...
  16. Mar

    Paypal payment to Ali Express fail

    After several weeks working full time with my dropshipping site, I have my first sale today, only to know that I cannot pay Ali Express with my Paypal account. I used to pay online merchants with Paypal balance including the Alidropship plugin. My first sale is not ordered with Ali Express until...
  17. Mar

    Money gram as mode of payment

    I'm wondering if I can add money gram as mode of payment in my Alidropship store, this is for customers who are not fans of credit cards due to fear of scams.
  18. Mar

    Number of products shown in Davinci theme category, and changing order default order number.

    Guys, I want my website live now, but since there are not much products yet, (importing products is slow) I want to temporarily hide the number of products shown in each category, is there a way to hide it in Davinci theme? Also, is there a way to set the order number so that it will start in...
  19. Mar

    Alidropship products redirect to AliExpress

    I am in the process of importing AliExpress products to my website. I just discovered that when you click on some images of the products, it will redirect you to AliExpress. I was wondering about this since I saw it many times in the FAQ that it will never redirect to AliExpress and customers...