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  1. davesweney

    I am selling stores

    Offer: I am selling 3 drop shipping stores, each comes as a high-end package at $390. This package includes numerous upgrades/premium features/tools/training... If you just want the store, hosting and associated social sites only I am selling them for $290 each... Please see my other post...
  2. davesweney

    I Am Selling 3 Store Packages - Various Niches

    3 STORES TO SELL - VARIOUS NICHES 1. INTRODUCTION I am selling 3 store packages from the 20 drop shipping stores I own at the prices indicated in the following niches (select one or more that interests you): $390 General Store $390 Teeth/Gum/Dental Care $390 Toys $390 Watches $390 Pets I...
  3. davesweney

    Hosting helpdesk support not available?

    I have several sites that are using ADS hosting, and I see there is no longer a support ticket system in place, that we send an email to support@ That seems rather inadequate when we need to have 24/7 support for our stores. Example: I have a store that is not loading...
  4. davesweney

    Moving products between ADS stores possible?

    Question expanded: "Is it possible to export products from one ADS store to then import to another store (to include all variations/etc.)?" Situation: Right now, after installing the ADS upsell addon, my cart page is not working, I am getting an HTTP 500 error...I just started a promotion...
  5. davesweney

    Using Regular Plugin - Do We Need To DL WooCommerce For This?

    Do we need to download and activate the WooCommerce plugin if we are using the regular AliDropShip plugin? I am switching from a WooCommerce based theme to DaVinci and the regular AliDropShip plugin, and WooCommerce was active when I switched. I started importing products as a test while the...