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    Any Recommended Plugins list for Alidropship original plugin.

    I would be pleased to know that which plugins should I use for making my store faster and SEO friendly along with some marketing plugins like pixel... "I'm using Alidropship original plugin"
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    Which Facebook Pixel Plugin Should I Use?

    I have just installed the facebook pixel plugin, but I have a concern that the official facebook pixel plugin would be a good choice or I have to install facebook pixel for Woocommerce"offical once" Or is there any other plugin which works with Alidropship woo plugin!
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    Plugin Is Not Updating!

    I tried to update the AliDropship Woo Plugin several times, but still, plugin Version 1.6.1 is not changing to Version 1.6.2, and update notification are not changing too! Edit: It has been Solved! Finally, I can take a breath.
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    Any Free POPUP maker which works ok with Alidropship woo along with da Vinci 2.0 theme

    Thanks for that! I have one more question? How could I integrate the Sendinblue newsletter form in the footer? I asked this question to the Sendinblue, but they send me a link of API docs, which is very confusing. I'm thinking to add it through WordPress customization.
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    Any Free POPUP maker which works ok with Alidropship woo along with da Vinci 2.0 theme

    Hi, I would be pleased to know that is there any free POPUP plugin that works with the DaVinci theme 2.0 theme? I'm using the Alidropship Woo plugin, and one more thing is how could I integrate Sendinblue newsletter from!
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    Return to my address or supplier address

    Hi, I would be pleased to know that if someone asks for the return, and the price of that product is not adequate for a free full refund, so is it a great idea to give the customer the supplier address for returning the product? And please give me the key factors for conducting the proper...
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    Product Images legal usage?

    Maybe, you have said right! there would be no concern about this. However, this question is not completely senseless, for example, if someone uploads your photo throughout their website and said that you are endorsing the company what would you do in this situation! The question that has been...
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    Product Images legal usage?

    Hi, I'm a bit uncertain that I would like to use product images throughout my website; for example on sliders. So is it ok to crop and edit the product images and upload them on the slider? I won't edit the images extensively, just enough for the best fit! Edit: Ok guys This question is...