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    Raphael Theme - Editing "Top selling products" on homepage

    How do you change the products that show up in the "top selling products" section of the homepage? It's pulling in random products that are not actually top-sellers (and ones I don't want highlighted), but can't find anything in the settings to update that.
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    Raphael theme - How to enable rich drop down menu?

    Hello, I am working on transitioning my site from the Dali theme to the Raphael theme, but can't find where the options are to create a rich sub-menu from the main navigation. How do I go about building that? Second question, how can I center the main nav (and utility nav)?
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    Stripe blocks most payments

    Hi all, I recently took over an AliDropship store and set up a new account with Stripe to take payments. My Stripe account is fully verified. However, their fraud system "Radar" blocks most charges for being high risk, in part due to the fact that AliDropship doesn't pass the billing address...