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  1. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

    A bug with reviews import was fixed
  2. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

    A possibility to add www. to domain name keeping the same API key was implemented
  3. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver. UPDATE

    A full list of countries was added to ‘Shipping to’ filter in Import settings Minor improvements
  4. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.1.0.3 UPDATE

    Minor changes: A bug with variable products going out of stock on WooCommerce sites was fixed A bug with reviews import was fixed
  5. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.1.0.1 UPDATE

    Minor changes: A bug with doubled images in product reviews on sites with AliDropship Woo plugin was fixed
  6. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.1.0 UPDATE

    Main changes: In Import settings now there is an option to import product to the parent/child category or to use the whole DropshipMe structure In ‘Report this product’ form a dropdown menu to choose the reason was added A bug with images in imported product reviews was fixed
  7. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.9 UPDATE

    Main changes: Product filters and import settings area Now Product filters and import settings are in a collapsible sidebar. Import settings can be saved New Imports History section Your imports history can be viewed in a special section Changes in Import Products section - If you...
  8. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.8 UPDATE

    Main changes: A bug with variations was fixed (in AliDropship-based sites with the original version of the plugin variations were not available when imported with recommended price).
  9. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.7 UPDATE

    Main changes: Mobile interface was improved In ‘Check my import list’ section the option to sort the products by relevance, price and order count was added A bug in pricing was fixed: in WooCommerce-based sites with currency other than US $ single products used to be imported with supplier’s...
  10. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.6 UPDATE

    Main changes: Supplier price, orders amount and shipping details filters were added In-built currency conversion is available Warehouse location and shipping information for products are available in the Shipping tab Previously imported products can be viewed in the new ‘Check my import...
  11. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.2 UPDATE

    Main changes: A Woo compatibility bug with product import was fixed Free shipping icon was added Minor changes in Activation section
  12. Olga B.

    Reliable AliExpress suppliers needed!

    We are looking for reliable AliExpress sellers to enlarge DropshipMe database with winning products. If you want to add your products to the flourishing dropshipping database with ever-growing audience, email us at Who are we looking for? You should meet the following...
  13. Olga B.

    DropshipMe ver.0.9.1 UPDATE

    Main changes: The layout and design of admin interface were improved In Import settings Remove attributes option was renamed as Remove item specifics The option to sort the products by Newest was added Original price was renamed as Supplier price. The column with the amount of your...