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  1. Eric S.

    Bundling option

    I have not seen this mentioned, but an ability to bundle multiple ali products into one item could be a powerful tool. I think woo can do this, but any thought to adding that ability to the non-woo plugin?
  2. Eric S.

    No free shipping to requested address

    I had an order from Bosnia and Herzegovina for a $10 (cost) item. The only shipping the supplier offered to there was DHL at an additional cost of $35. How has anyone dealt with this before? Just eat the cost? Refund the customer with and explanation? I was fortunate that another seller had the...
  3. Eric S.

    'Place order automatically' issue

    Apologies if this has been covered, but I can't seem to find anything on it. The 'place order automatically' process is having trouble authenticating for me. I'm using Chrome and the extension shows 'on'. I'm logged in to AliExpress in another tab. However the process keeps coming back with 'You...
  4. Eric S.

    AliExpress order closed. Need to appeal with identity docs

    I'm curious if this has happened to others. It looks like on my first international shipment, AliExpress is asking for pictures of identity documents (drivers license, credit card etc). I understand their need for this but also leery of sending that information. Have you had to do this?
  5. Eric S.

    Yet another new version today?

    It looks like new versions of the plugin ( and the DaVinci theme (0.6.11). I don't see any release notes on the update page. Has anyone heard what this update changes or fixes?
  6. Eric S.

    Instagram Shout Out Samples

    I just started reaching out looking for shout-outs. A couple responses are asking for product instead of payment. Has anyone done this? Did you ship directly to the contact, or receive it yourself first to verify it's OK before forwarding on to the contact?
  7. Eric S.

    Giving it a shot

    Well I took the plunge last week and purchased the plugin and started my first attempt at ecommerce/drop shipping. I'm pretty impressed so far and am really curious how this will go. I'm essentially following Yanos' suggestions, even targeting a niche highlighted in his list. Initial setup was...
  8. Eric S.

    Open Graph Generation

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get the Open Graph tags to generate properly for products. I've tried a number of plugins, but they seem to get hung up on the price and image. The price is particularly helpful for Pinterest Rich Pins. Has anyone had success with this?
  9. Eric S.

    Cart Discount Bug

    The cart is not displaying the amounts properly. The bottom List Price for the total order is blank. If I use a Discount Code, the 'You Save' is set to subtract the total amount. The total amount is correct.
  10. Eric S.

    DaVinci Theme Question

    I must be missing something simple. We used the 'Add Default Menus and Pages' (which is awesome BTW) as a starter for the auxiliary pages. The About page is nice, but I only see ways to edit the first section and the 'Meet Our Team' sections. Is the 'Why Us' and "Our Core Values" sections not...