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  1. Humantorch

    Cash on Delivery Option

    There's no way you can integrate COD with AliExpress, expect you have the product upfront already and managing the delivery yourself.
  2. Humantorch

    Like to start my own dropshipping

    Lol... Why would they make up the story? It seems you didn't read it. The story is all here, maybe you should take a glance again. And if you happen to read it this time you'd noticed I mention my blog "" and my dropshipping store "" I've written several articles...
  3. Humantorch

    Like to start my own dropshipping

    Hey, this is Olusola David and I think you're entitled to whatever it is you think about Nigerians or any third world countries. it's just your opinion anyway. AliDropship is a very reputable company and they will never publish what is not real. Their software is unique and awesome and I think...
  4. Humantorch

    Social Rabbit Question

    I think it's one
  5. Humantorch

    Website for search Best item to dropshiping or viral item now

    Try the Winning product tool by AliDropship instead... its free to download with 50 free products to import
  6. Humantorch

    What is AliExpress Process time?

    Hi, Should I be concerned with the AliExpress process time? or I should I always look for products below three days processing time, I don't really know how it works can someone help me shed light on this?
  7. Humantorch

    Yoast SEO Plugin For WooCommerce

  8. Humantorch

    Yoast SEO Plugin For WooCommerce

  9. Humantorch

    Yoast SEO Plugin For WooCommerce

    Guys Please, I'm thinking of buying the Yoast SEO WooCommerce plugin but I'm using the default AliDropship plugin for WordPress does it work together? or I'll have to install the AliDropship Woo instead.
  10. Humantorch

    How to remove default Davinci theme logo

    Hi ! Please I'll be glad if anyone can teach me how to remove the default davinci theme logo and add my store logo there. I'm trying to have everything in professional order.
  11. Humantorch

    Error! ionCube Loader Not found. Please check instructions .

    Hi, anybody having issue on NameCheap hosting with the AliDropship plugin? I spoke with their support and i was told NameCheap support "ionCube Loader" yet i still get the error message