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    [URGENT]Compliance with PCI-DSS issue

    Have you seen credit card number of your customers? I don't think so. Tell 2Checkout there is no such functionality in your store.
  2. Mar

    Suggestion for improving the theme

    Visitors will take note of the page number where a product caught his interest and come back later. In infinite scroll, he cannot do it since there is no page number. Infinite scroll is counter productive.
  3. Mar

    Cannot view products on mobile phone

    You can only see imported products (not published) if you are logged in as administrator. Are you logged in the mobile?
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    Resolved - AliDropship Plugin for WooCommerce Won't Update in Wordpress

    It is worth a try, nothing will be lost.
  5. Mar

    Resolved - AliDropship Plugin for WooCommerce Won't Update in Wordpress

    I have this issue in the past. It was due to the settings below. The URLs were not the same. Check while waiting for the response from support.
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    Siteground will change the default PHP version to PHP 7.3 on feb 26

    Alidropship plugin compatible with PHP7.3 is already available, long before you ask the question. Other host providers started support of PHP7.3 long before you announced Siteground will start to support it.
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    Large Postmeta Table

    That's fine. Anytime you decide.
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    Resolved - AliDropship Plugin for WooCommerce Won't Update in Wordpress

    If you installed the new version of the plugin to the same site, there should be no problem with the license. Send email to
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    Large Postmeta Table

    I have moved my site to InterServer, the Standard Web Hosting, $5.00/mo, free for the first month. It absolutely cost nothing to move a website. My site has been in a number of host providers, never lasted more than three months due to various issues, one is...
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    Large Postmeta Table

    Siteground always point somewhere else, never themselves. They always find something to blame you and the site, not them. I have the latest of the woo version plugin and woocommerce, loading speed in GTmetrics is between 1.5 to 3 seconds. My site used to be with Siteground. I have too much of...
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    The Monet WOO theme (RELEASED)

    I don't see why not. But wait for the response of the theme developer.
  12. Mar

    dropshipping plugins for woocommerce

    The names are different, but there are woocommerce plugins with more or less the same functions.
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    Fatal error with Dali theme SOLVED

    I have sent you PM.
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    Product attributes ordering

    This is one of many questions asked and answered so many times in the past. You must learn how to search the forum.
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    Price increase at checkout

    The discussion of this thread is becoming too long. It started with your post that you and you alone understand. Yet you have the gal to ask "What is so hard to understand about that..??? Again, I am wondering how you live your life with such low mentality.
  16. Mar

    Price increase at checkout

    Before I post, send a message, email, etc. I always imagine myself as the other person who will see it. A person that has no prior knowledge to the message or post until he saw it. That is how you know if your post can be understood by people. You don't base it on yourself, of course you...
  17. Mar

    Price increase at checkout

    My first reaction to your post was it is so confusing. In fact until now I am confused. When you said "the store" now I think you mean your store. So when you say "I don't expect the same store to sell one product at many different prices without notice", we are talking about your store. So who...
  18. Mar

    Price increase at checkout

    You mean if the store (or I think you mean the seller) sell the same product in other websites as you stated earlier, you have to be informed? You are feeling so important. They have no obligation to inform anybody of prize change. That is why the plugin have product updates and that include...
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    Dropshipping Promotion in Social Media

    The pixel don't add by it self, you have to add it. See this guide: Actually I added this link in this thread already.
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    Price increase at checkout

    Products are sold by many stores. Do you expect prices to be the same? of course they are not.